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Debbie Shore’s Beautiful Heart Bunting Tutorial

Debbie Shore’s Beautiful Heart Bunting Tutorial

Looking for a quick and easy sewing project that will add instant charm to any room of the home? This timeless heart bunting provides the perfect way to add gorgeous rustic home decor to bedrooms, kitchen dressers, garden parties and more. Whilst the pretty heart motifs make it perfect for Valentine’s Day, it’s versatile enough to be used throughout the year! You could personalise it with initials, or keep it simple with eye-catching hearts on burlap bunting pennants.

You Will Need:

To Create 2 Yards of Bunting…

Heart Bunting Tutorial:

Step 1:

heart bunting tutorial image

To begin, fuse your fusible webbing to the wrong sides of your fabric, then cut out 16 heart shapes.

Step 2:

heart bunting tutorial image

Next, cut your hessian into eight 6” x 12” strips. Fold each in half, and press.

Step 3:

heart bunting tutorial image

Place your bunting template over the folded hessian, and cut.

Step 4:

heart bunting tutorial image

Peel the paper backing from the hearts and iron over the hessian pennants, 1” from the points. Make sure the hearts are mirror-imaged so that they are the same way around when the pennant is folded.

Step 5:

heart bunting tutorial image

Although you could just leave the hearts as they are, as the fusible webbing is a secure adhesive, I’ve chosen to outline my hearts with free motion stitches. You could use a decorative or satin stitch instead, if you wish.

Step 6:

heart bunting tutorial image

Use a zigzag stitch around the edge of the hessian to help stop fraying, and repeat with all eight pennants.

Step 7:

heart bunting tutorial image

Fold the hessian pennants around the cord, spacing evenly. Hold these in place with fabric glue if you wish. Next, sew around each pennant, under the cord, then around the edges through both sides of the fabric.

Step 8:

heart bunting tutorial image

Now your beautiful heart bunting is finished! You could hang it up to decorate a bedroom, a kitchen dresser, or to add eye-catching charm to a Valentine’s Day celebration!

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