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Debbie Shore’s DIY Gardening Apron

Debbie Shore’s DIY Gardening Apron

Love your garden, but hate having to traipse back and forth from border to border to carry all your gardening tools around as you work? Then this DIY gardening apron is definitely the next sewing project you need to tackle! Not only does this stylish gardening apron have two large pockets to hold your gardening tools, but it also includes a handy zipped pocket that will hold your mobile phone securely, with no risk of it falling out as you bend and work. Now you can get your pruning and planting done in half the time, with all your tools to hand – plus take your favourite playlist with you as you work!

Debbie Shore’s DIY Gardening Apron:

I’ve used denim with a heavy cotton lining; canvas or ticking would work well. For finer cottons, you may need interfacing to give the fabric some weight.

Finished Size: 22.5” x 11.5”

Use a ¼” seam allowance.


Step 1:

DIY gardening apron Step 1

Cut a piece of lining to the same size as the front fabric.

Step 2:

DIY gardening apron Step 2

Cut two pocket pieces from lining, measuring 8” x 6”. Draw a rectangle measuring 6” x 0.5” on the back of one piece, centrally, 1.5” from the top. Draw a line down the centre of the box, forming a ‘Y’ shape at each end.

Step 3:

DIY gardening apron Step 3

Place this piece right sides together to the apron lining, 2” from the top and 4” from one side. Sew around the rectangle. Cut along the centre line and into the corners.

Step 4:

DIY gardening apron Step 4

Push the pocket fabric through the hole and press.

Step 5:

DIY gardening apron Step 5

Pin/glue the zip over the hole and sew.

Step 6:

DIY gardening apron Step 6

Sew the second pocket piece to the first, avoid sewing through the lining fabric.

Step 7:

DIY gardening apron Step 7

Cut two strips of patch pocket fabric, measuring 7” x 18”. Fold each in half.

Step 8:

DIY gardening apron Step 8

Cut a curve from one top corner of each folded piece.

Step 9:

DIY gardening apron Step 9

Sew each piece right sides together, leaving a turning gap of about 2” in one side. Trim the curved seam [pinking shears are ideal] and snip across the corners.

Step 10:

DIY gardening apron Step 10

Turn the right side out and press. Top stitch around the curved seam.

Step 11:

DIY gardening apron Step 11

Place the pockets over the front of the apron and sew around the bottom three sides.

Step 12:

DIY gardening apron Step 12

Sew the lining and front fabric pieces right sides together, leaving the top open.

Step 13:

DIY gardening apron Step 13

Turn the right side out and press. Edge stitch around the seam.

Step 14:

DIY gardening apron Step 14

Fold the top of the apron over to the front by ¼” and press.

Step 15:

DIY gardening apron Step 15

Thread one end of the webbing through both D rings and sew. Place the webbing over the top of the apron and sew.

Step 16:

DIY gardening apron finished project

Thread the end of the webbing through both D rings then back again through one to fasten.

And there you have it – one super useful DIY gardening apron that will take the hassle out of tending to your garden! Time to step out of the sewing room, and get outside…

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