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Debbie Shore: Box Pleat Cushion

Debbie Shore: Box Pleat Cushion


This striking cushion cover was crafted by the very talented, Debbie Shore. Now, you can make the same at home with this easy to follow guide.

Speaking about her creation she said, “I originally got the idea from a duvet cover, then adapted it for cushions and made it more intricate. This is a real show stopping piece and can be easily adapted and personalised to suit your own home décor style”

Follow the steps below to create your box pleat cushion…

1. Measure your cushion front then add an extra ½ cm for the seam allowance of your squares. I chose a patterned fabric for the front panels, and the pleat in a contrasting plain fabric.


2. Mark the central line from top to bottom then side to side, to divide your fabric into four equal squares, then cut.


3. With the contrast fabric, cut two of the same size small squares, then one long piece the size of these two together.

4. Sew together one patterned piece, followed by a plain, then another patterned. Do this twice, so you have two strips of fabric, patterned on the outside and one plain square in the middle of each.

5. Mark the centre of the plain fabric, and fold the patterned fabric over it so that the patterns meet and the plain is covered. Pin in place with glass head beads, then press.


6. Stitch close to the edge over the pleats where you’ve pinned, to hold in place.


7. Repeat with the second strip.

8. Place the two strips together on a flat surface with the pleats going from left to right, and you’ll see the design coming together.

9. The plain long strip goes from top to bottom and is stitched the whole length.


10. As with the small pleats, mark the centre, fold in, pin, press and sew in place.

11. Lay the cushion cover flat again, you’ll see the ‘cross’ forming in the plain fabric. In the centre where all four squares meet, pin, then sew an ‘X’ shape across the join to secure.


12. I like to add a button in the centre to cover the stitches.


13. Sew together with the back of the cushion, snip corners, turn, press and stuff.

Debbie’s Tip: patterned fabric for the squares looks good against contrasting plain fabric for the pleats, this will help the folding design really stand out.

Make sure to send us a photo of your finished make. Debbie and the team would love to see them!