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Brand New To Create and Craft: DaliART!

Brand New To Create and Craft: DaliART!

Introducing Dali Graham, the owner of DaliART! As an enthusiastic, tenacious, and passionate crafter herself, Dali has created a fantastic brand for all levels of crafters – a brand that we are very excited to announce has now arrived at Create and Craft HQ! Read on to discover why Dali is joining forces with Create and Craft, and exactly what Dali and her brand has to offer in terms of exciting new products, oodles of passion, and enthusiasm to dive straight in!

Dali says…

My aim is to bring unique high-quality products to the crafting marketplace at a great price. I want to craft with people on all levels, of all ages and backgrounds –  crafty hobbies are a fantastic way for people to express themselves through creativity!

I’ve teamed up with Create and Craft so I can have the opportunity to educate and inspire with project led, kit-led demonstrations and products. It’s very much taking cardmaking to the next level, without losing the essence of what makes cardmaking itself so fabulous. There’s still an important place for that, but I’m also passionate about home décor, upcycling, and just really using the products we’ve brought into the UK in the best way that we can! I’m here to show crafters how we use them, and why we use what we use, to achieve fantastic results.

Create and Craft and DaliART have so much to give one another, I’m really excited about having the opportunity to grow, and bring the world of mixed media to Create and Craft‘s viewers.


Check out DaliART’s exciting new product range right here!


4 thoughts on “Brand New To Create and Craft: DaliART!”

  • So pleased to see you come over here to C&C after being with The Craft Channel then Hochanda but third time lucky you are here at last… are an inspiration to us old crafters! Good luck Dali!

  • So pleased you’re here. I’ve been watching Hochanda for about 18months and just happened to turn on C and C again today..

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