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Festive Bevvy: Customise Your Own Cup!

Festive Bevvy: Customise Your Own Cup!

Customise your own tumbler this Christmas period with a festive and fun design! Perfect for drinks at home or on the move!

Whether you’re off exploring a Christmas market or working from home this festive season, make sure you’ve got a nice mug of something on the go! It might be a nice warm coffee – or perhaps a mulled wine is in order! Whatever takes your fancy, enjoy customising this tumbler to receive any comforting beverage, using only a bit of festively shiny vinyl and your Scan n Cut machine. A dazzling new design from Helen Kirkham. Cheese board optional.

You Will Need:

Brother Scan N Cut

Transfer Tape

Weeding Hook

Scraper Tool

Rose Gold Vinyl

White Insulated Tumbler

Now let’s make a coffee – or wine! – tumbler!

Step 1: Add each letter of ‘Could’ individual to the Scan and Cut mat using font FO-A003. Select and overlap each letter and weld together. Repeat with the word ‘be’ and centralise the two words horizontally and group together. Duplicate so there are two. Add the word ‘COFFEE’ using font FOA010. Add the word ‘WINE’ using the same font. Place ‘Could be’ above ‘Coffee’ and then ‘Could be’ and WINE’ and centralise the words vertically. Group together and resize to 2.93×3.00 inches. Select half cut on the Scan and Cut.

Step 2: Cut out of the vinyl.

Step 3: Using the hook, remove the waste vinyl.

Step 4:  Put the transfer tape over the top of the vinyl and using the scraper, burnish the letters so they stick to the tape. Remove the vinyl backing.

Step 5: Transfer the vinyl on to the tumbler using the transfer tape. Once again burnish the letters with the scraper to stick them to the tumbler and carefully remove the transfer tape.

And there you have it…a festively decorated tumbler that will keep any kind of drink safe (and warm if necessary), whether you are at home – or on the go! Cheers!

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