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Christmas Crochet Snowflake: Add Festive Magic With Crochet Candle Holders

Christmas Crochet Snowflake: Add Festive Magic With Crochet Candle Holders

Candlelight at Christmas is a great way to create a cosy, festive atmosphere… which is why we just love these gorgeous crochet snowflake candle holders! Perfect for adding seasonal charm to standard tealight candles, you can create these all in white, coordinate them with your existing home decor, or crochet them in an array of colours to for a bright and beautiful celebration this Christmas! Follow Mandy Cameron’s free crochet snowflake tealight holder pattern below, and create your own table decor that’s bound to impress family and friends.

Skill Level: Intermediate

You Will Need:


  • adjustable slip knot = magic ring
  • sp = space
  • ch = chain
  • ss = slip stitch
  • dc = double crochet
  • 2dcinc = 2 double crochet into next stitch
  • tr = treble crochet
  • 4chpicot = 4ch, 1ss into first ch
  • 5chpicot = 5ch, 1ss into first ch

Christmas Crochet Snowflake Pattern:

Make an adjustable slip knot and ch2 (turning ch).

Rnd 1: 6dc into first ch.

Tighten slip knot.

From the hook (not including stitch on hook) count back 6dc to ensure you use the correct st to start the next row and avoid using the turning ch. Place stitch marker through stitch on hook.

Rnd 2: 2dcinc in every stitch around (12dc) move marker to st on hook.

You may need to tighten the slip knot again and once round 4 is complete, you will be able to sew this in and secure.

Rnd 3: (1dc, 2dcinc) around (18dc).
Rnd 4: (2dc, 2dcinc) around (24dc).
Rnd 5: Using back loops only dc around (24dc).

Rnd 6-8: Using both loops of stitch dc around.
Ss into next stitch, fasten off and sew in tail end.

Rejoin yarn at beginning of Rnd 5 in front loop left which was not worked previously.

Rnd 9: 4ch (counts as 1tr, 1ch), *1tr, 1ch* repeat from *to* 23 times. Ss into 3rd ch of starting 4ch of round to join.

Rnd 10: *dc into next 1chsp, 4ch, miss 1tr 1chsp 1tr. Repeat from * 11 more times, ss into first dc to join round.

Rnd 11: *4dc in next 4chsp, 6ch, 4dc in next 4chsp. Repeat from * five more times, ss into first dc of round to join.

Rnd 12: 1ch, *3dc, miss 1dc, (4tr, 2ch, 4tr) all in next 6chsp, miss 1dc, 3dc. Repeat from * 5 more times.

Rnd 13: *4ch picot, 2dc, miss 1dc, 1dc in each of next 4tr, 3ch, (1tr 5chpicot, 1tr) in next 2chsp, 3ch, 1dc in each of next 4tr, miss 1dc, 2dc. Repeat from * 5 more times fasten off. Sew in end.

Now you’ve completed your first crochet snowflake tealight holder… but don’t stop there! Crochet more, so that you can dot candlelight all around your home this Christmas. You could even add them to your dinner table on Christmas Day, or give them as gifts to family and friends.

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