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DIY Décor: Make Your Own Crochet Llama Planter!

DIY Décor: Make Your Own Crochet Llama Planter!

Here’s a cute project for all you animal and plant lovers. Mandy Cameron has created this amazing crochet llama planter, perfect for those succulents and herb gardens. Add to your home décor and take a look at her tutorial that guides you step-by-step to discover how to do this project for yourself.

Skill Level:    Easy / Intermediate

You Will Need:


  • adjustable slip knot = magic ring
  • ch = chain
  • ss = slip stitch
  • dc = double crochet
  • 2dcinc = 2 double crochet into next stitch (increase by 1)
  • dc2tog = double crochet 2 stitches together (decrease by 1)
  • dc3tog = double crochet 3 stitches together (decrease by 2)
  • tr = treble crochet

Top Tip:  As the spiral method is used (no joining with a ss or making 1ch to start round), place a stitch marker at the beginning of the first round and move it up every row.

Pot Holder:

With A make an adjustable slip knot and ch2.

Rnd 1:  8dc into 2nd ch from hook.   Tighten slip knot.

Rnd 2:  2dcinc in every stitch (16dc)

Rnd 3:  (1dc, 2dcinc) around (24dc)

Rnd 4:  (2dc, 2dcinc) around (32dc)

Rnd 5:  (3dc, 2dcinc) around (40dc)

Rnd 6-16:  dc around

Continue to make the tail.

Turn the work so you are going to work back on yourself and the wrong side is facing you.

Row 17-18:  1ch, 5dc

Row 19:  1ch, dc2tog, 1dc, dc2tog (3dc)

Row 20-21: dc across

Row 22:  dc3tog, 1ch, fasten off.  Sew in end


Rnd 23:  With right side facing, count 12dc from the tail.  Join yarn A with a dc in the 13th stitch and work 12dc more.

Rnd 24:  Fold work together and work 1dc in the first dc of round 23 and continue to dc around (13dc)

Rnd 25-31:  dc around

Ss into next st and fasten off leaving a tail for sewing.  Pinch pot holder area below the neck and sew (the area is indicated by a blue line in the picture).  Stuff, but not too much.


With A make an adjustable slip knot and ch2.

Rnd 1:  6dc into 2nd ch from hook.   Tighten slip knot.

Rnd 2:  2dcinc in every stitch (12dc)

Rnd 3-4:  dc around

Rnd 5:  (1dc, 2dcinc) around (18dc)

Rnd 6:  6dc, (2dcinc, 1dc) three times, 2dcinc, 5dc (22dc)

Rnd 7:  dc around

Rnd 8:  9dc, 2dcinc, 2dc, 2dcinc, 9dc (24dc)

Rnd 9:  dc around

Rnd 10:  (2dc, dc2tog) around (18dc)

Rnd 11:  (1dc, dc2tog) around (12dc)

Rnd 12:  (dc2tog) around (6dc)

Ss into next stitch and fasten off, sew in ends.


Make 2

With A, make an adjustable slip knot and ch5.

1dc in second ch from the hook, 1dc in each of the remaining 3ch (4dc).

Fasten off.


With B, make and adjustable slip knot and ch70, fasten off.


With B, cut 14 strands each 8cm long approx.  Fold strands in half and connect 7 of them to each side in a central position.


With B, make a pompom approximately 2cm diameter and sew to top of head.


Sew eyes, nose and mouth to face and muzzle.  Sew ears to side top of head.  Using tail of yarn left at the end of the neck, sew head in place.  You can choose for it to be slanted or straight on, the choice is yours.

Fold reins in half to ascertain central point.  Place this point on top of the muzzle, wrap around muzzle tightly and make half a knot underneath the chin area.  Bring the reins down and round the back of the neck and then crossover the reins and bring them to the front and tie in a knot.

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