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Hooded Unicorn Blanket: Crochet Your Own With Our Free Pattern

Hooded Unicorn Blanket: Crochet Your Own With Our Free Pattern

Love unicorns? Love crochet? Then you’re going to love this! We asked the wonderfully talented Charlie Mumford to create a crochet unicorn blanket so soft and snuggly you’d never want to get out of it… and she has not disappointed! Check out her fantastic step-by-step tutorial below, and create your very own unicorn blanket which can be adapted to suit any size… fully-grown unicorn lovers, rejoice!

How To Crochet a Hooded Unicorn Blanket For Any Size:

Unicorns are still a big hit with everyone… so why not be one? This pattern will help you to make a custom fit unicorn hooded blanket so you can live out your best unicorn life! If you can make a granny square, then this granny rectangle based blanket will be a cinch!

This fantastic unicorn blanket crochet pattern is ideal for intermediate crocheters, as a knowledge of basic stitches and some next-level stitches is required.

You Will Need:

Glossary of abbreviations and terms:

MR – Magic adjustable ring
CH – Chain stitch
DC – Double crochet stitch
DC2tog – Double crochet two stitches together/decrease
2DC increase – work two stitches in the same stitch/increase
TR – treble crochet stitch
HTR – half treble crochet
HTR Decrease – half treble 2 stitches together
SS – Slip stitch
FO – fasten off
ST/S – stitch/stitches

Step 1:

RND 1: In white yarn…
CH7 then 1DC into next CH from hook then 1DC into each of the remaining stitches around so you will end up with 12 STS.

Step 2:

CH3, 1TR into 4th ST from hook, CH2, 2TR into same ST.
CH1, 2TR into next ST, 2CH, 2TR into same ST.

*2TR into next ST* – repeat *to* 3 more times

2TR, 2CH and 2TR into next ST.
CH1, 2TR, 2CH and 2TR into next ST.
2TR into each of the next 4 STS then SS to top of CH3 from beginning of round (42 stitches)

Step 3:

RND 2: In white yarn…
SS into 1st corner space of your rectangle – always remember to do this at the beginning of each round.

2TR, 2CH, 2TR into the corner space
2TR into the space between the sets of trebles

2TR, 2CH, 2TR into the next corner space
2TR into the next space between the sets of 2 trebles and continue like this until you reach the next corner space.
2TR, 2CH, 2TR into corner space
2TR into next space
2TR, 2CH, 2TR into corner space
Then, 2TR into each space along again until you return to the beginning of the round.
SS to top of 1st TR of the round (48 STS)

Step 4:

Repeat instructions from round 2 until your desired size is reached – you will notice that the blanket gets larger after each round with more treble clusters between the corner spaces.

To make the size demonstrated, do 28 rounds total in the following colour combo: White – 5 rounds, Fuchsia – 5 rounds, Lavender – 5 rounds, White – 5 rounds, Fuchsia – 5 rounds, Lavender – 3 rounds.

Step 5:

Now you have crocheted your selected size you can add a small border.
SS into a corner to attach WHITE yarn.

*2DC into the corner space, 2CH, 2DC into same corner space and then DC into each stitch along until the next corner*
Repeat * to * until you have finished the round and SS
Now repeat this round again so your border is 2DC thick.

Step 6:

Now on both short sides of the rectangle…
SS into the corner space with WHITE yarn then dc in each stitch along to end. CH1 then turn your work and DC into each stitch back along to where you started. Repeat this so that you have 4 rows . Do the same on the other short side.

Step 7:

Find the middle stitch of your top long row and mark with a stitch marker. Now put a stitch marker either side of the middle one, equidistance from the centre. I put mine 13 STS either side of the middle which was roughly 30cm. This marks out your hood. I based my measurements on the recipient’s shoulder to shoulder measurement.

Step 8:

Join your yarn (WHITE) with a SS to the one of the outer marked stitches and HTR in each stitch along to (and including) the centre stitch.

*CH1, turn your work, HTR in each in each ST back to the first HTR*
Now repeat * to * 8 times
**CH1 and turn your work, HTR decrease then HTR in remaining STS
CH1 and turn your work, HTR in all the stitches along EXCEPT the last 2 STS, HTR decrease**
Repeat ** to ** until there are only 2 STS left then HTR them together and FO.

Step 9:

Repeat Step 8 for the other side of the hood.

Step 10:

DC the 2 hood halves together in the middle keeping the seam on the good side/outside of your work so it is slightly raised. (This gives you a good foundation for your unicorn mane and stops it irritating the recipients head.)

Step 11:

Starting at 1 side of the hood at the bottom, DC along the edge until you reach the other side.
*CH1, turn your work and DC along again.*
Repeat *to* a further 5 times or until the hood is as deep as you would like it to be.
Then CH1, turn your work and TR into each stitch along. Repeat for 3 further rows.

Using the tails of the yarn sew down the remaining unattached ends of the hood to the top edge of the blanket.

Step 12:

Now make the horn in WHITE:
Make a MR and DC 12 times into it (12)
DC2 into each stitch (24)
DC around for 3 rounds (24)
1DC into 2 STS then DC2tog and repeat to the end of the round (16)
DC around (16)
*1DC then DC2tog* to the end and then DC in last stitch (10)
DC around for 2 rounds (10)
DC2tog around (5)
Stuff the horn lightly
DC around for 2 rounds
DC1, DC2tog, DC2tog (3)
DC around (3) and pull together and tie off.

Add silver thread/yarn to the horn by wrapping it around, starting at the top and winding round and catching the white yarn (with a needle) every so often, to secure the thread.

Step 13:

Now make 2 ears as follows:

DC into the next ST from the hool and into each ST to the end (5)
CH1, turn work, DC5 (5)
CH1, turn work, DC2tog, DC1, DC2tog (3)
*CH1, turn work, DC3* (3)
Repeat *to* twice
CH1, turn work, DC2tog, DC1 (2)
CH1, turn work, DC2tog (1)
DC around the edges to neaten and shape the ears.

Step 14:

Make the mane curls from any leftover pink and purple by doing the following:

CH (any length you wish) then 3DC into the ST next to the hook and 3DC into each ST along. The yarn will begin to curl.

Step 15:

Now sew on the horn, ears, mane curls and weave in any yarn tails.

Block your work to straighten it out, and get ready to snuggle up!

Do you know someone who would simply love to snuggle up in this magical crochet unicorn blanket? If you’ll be giving this project a go, let us know in the comments below!

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