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Winter Warmer: How To Crochet A Fox Hat

Winter Warmer: How To Crochet A Fox Hat

Learn to crochet this adorable baby’s hat with a cute fox design, in the warm seasonal colours of pumpkin and cream. Perfect for those chilly winter walks. A new design by Mandy Cameron.

 You will need:

Skill Level:  Accomplished Beginner


  • adjustable slip knot = magic ring
  • ch = chain
  • ss = slip stitch
  • dc = double crochet
  • 2dcinc = 2 double crochet into next stitch
  • 2trcl = 2 treble cluster stitch

Top Tip:  As the spiral method is used (no joining with a ss or making 1ch to start round), place a stitch marker or piece of yarn at the beginning of the first round and move it up every row.


With Colour (A), make an adjustable slip knot and ch2 (turning chain)

Rnd 1:  6dc into 2nd ch from hook.   Tighten slip knot

Rnd 2:  To identify the first stitch of round 2, count back 6sts from the hook.

Do not use the turning chain as a stitch.  Work 2dcinc in every st around (12dc)

Rnd 3:  (1dc, 2dcinc) around (18dc)

Rnd 4:  (2dc, 2dcinc) around (24dc)

Rnd 5:  (3dc, 2dcinc) around (30dc)

Rnd 6:  (4dc, 2dcinc) around (36dc)

Rnd 7:  (5dc, 2dcinc) around (42dc) see pic 1 top crown

Rnd 8-14:  Dc around.  You will find that your work starts to cup into a bowl shape.  The inside of the bowl is actually the right side and you will need to turn it inside out unless you like the more textured finish of the wrong side.

Fasten off (A) see pic 2 hat body

Rnd 15-18:  With wrong side facing, join yarn (B) and work 1dc in any dc of the last round, 2trcl, (1dc, 2trcl) around.

Ss into next st and fasten off, sew in ends. (See above picture) 


Outer – make 2

With (A) make and adjustable slip knot and ch9

Row 1:  1dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1dc in each remaining ch (8dc)

Row 2-4:  dc across

Row 5:  dc2tog, 4dc, dc2tog (6dc)

Row 6:  dc across

Row 7:  dc2tog, 2dc, dc2tog (4dc)

Row 8:  dc across

Row 9:  dc2tog twice (2dc)

Row 10:  dc2tog, fasten off


Inner – make 2

With (B) make and adjustable slip knot and ch5

Row 1:  1dc in 2nd ch from hook, 1dc in each remaining ch (4dc)

Row 2-6:  dc across

Row 7:  1dc, dc2tog, 1dc (3dc)

Row 8:  dc across

Row 9:  dc3tog, fasten off

Join black yarn to end of row 4 and dc around edge up to top of ear making 3dc in top stitch to form point and dc down the other side using equal amount of dc stitches and finish at the other end of row 4, fasten off. (See pic 5 black edge)

Place inner ear over outer ear matching points.  Fold edges of lower ears over inner ear encasing the edge of the inner ear and sew in place up to the black edge of inner ear.  Sew together black edge level with outer ear.  (See pic 6  complete ear)


With black yarn make a small pompom.


Sew ears to hat crown between rows 4 and 8.

Sew pompom nose centre front on row 15/16 of brim.

Embroider sleeping eyelids above nose.

Sew in all ends.


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