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How To Create Your First Planner: 5 Pro Tips from Elizabeth Crafts!

How To Create Your First Planner: 5 Pro Tips from Elizabeth Crafts!

Like many others in the crafting community, we have been *not-so-secretly* obsessed with all of the perfect planners, and beautiful  bullet-journaling imagery that’s all over social media right now. Each one is like a piece of art, reflecting its artist’s own style and needs, and is quite clearly so much more than functional!

At Elizabeth Craft Designs, we decided a while ago that we wanted in on this new crafty venture, but we wanted to do it a little differently to the things we’d seen already out there. When we started creating our first planner collection, we designed each piece carefully, to ensure that crafters could personalise it and really make it their own –– we made them flexible, customisable and ready for your creative touch!

With the help of the fabulous design team here at Elizabeth Craft Designs, we’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind when creating your first planner or bullet journal…

1: Never throw a page away!


… Even when you’re not happy with it. Over time, you might look at those pages differently, and they may add extra interest to your journal. If you’re really not happy with a page, our loose-leaf system makes it easy replace, remove and, of course, add pages to your planner.

2: Keep it balanced

Documenting good memories/pictures is fun, but don’t forget to document sad/bad ones as well. Keeping it balanced allows for better reflection. If you’ll be showing your planners to others, you can tuck private journaling away in pockets (and we have all the pocket and tags dies to do that!).

3: Capture daily life!

Documenting daily life, in pictures or journaling, is probably the most fun to look back on. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are a few to be inspired by…

  • Take a picture of your empty fridge, and then again after buying groceries!
  • Take pictures of your interior (bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc.). Look at it a few years later to see if something has changed! Or, document your remodel!
  • Capture how your garden is doing, or add notes that will help you for your next plant!
  • Your messy… eh *thoughtfully organized* craft room.
  • Your craft supplies stash, or craft-haul after an event or shopping trip.
  • Having coffee with a friend? Snap a picture and/or write about it!
  • What car are you driving at the moment?
  • Your cats & dogs (or any other pets of course)
  • And of course don’t forget your children, grandchildren, family, etc.

4: Customise it for your needs

This is your planner, which means you can make it whatever you want! Make it a daily planner, idea journal, traveler’s notebook, diary or an organiser for your marker colours –– with the new Elizabeth Craft Designs planner collection, your options are endless!

5: Enjoy the process

‘Craftiness is Happiness’ –– isn’t that how it goes? The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process of creating your new planner!

We hope this gave you a little encouragement and inspiration as you start, or continue, creating your planner… plan away!

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