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Create and Craft TV – “It’s Nothing Short of Mesmerising”

Create and Craft TV – “It’s Nothing Short of Mesmerising”

The Independent columnist, Rhodri Marsden, came to visit Create and Craft Headquarters in Peterborough last month to learn about the wonders of the craft world, and he became instantly hooked.



Writing in The Independent Magazine which came out on Saturday, he reminisces of his day at C+C where he witnessed live shows in the studio and met all the backstage crew including studio directors, producers and presenters, including Stephanie Weightman who took him on a creative journey and introduced him to the wonderful world of papercraft. He even got to meet Tony Sheridan, Managing Director, to learn about the business itself and how craft has developed from a niche hobby to an established profession with an ‘army’ of followers.

Talking of his day at CCHQ, Marsden writes “Down in the Create And Craft studio, veteran presenter (and former RAF Communications Systems Analyst) Martyn Parker is whizzing through a “new and exclusive round-up” of various items related to greetings cards. Getting to grips with the papercraft lexicon represents a formidable challenge for the novice: there’s decoupage; dies; embossing mats; parchment; grid work; shims and patch shims; candi; thermographic powder; and so on.” It’s clear to see his bewilderment at how big the papercrafting business has become and the infinite amount of unique greetings card designs you can create using just a few bits of paper.


Writing specifically of Create and Craft, he is amazed at the mesmerising effects of the TV shopping channel.  “The success of Create And Craft almost feels like a happy accident – the dovetailing of a national obsession with a deep-seated human need to create. The channel is dedicated to nurturing that need, constantly displaying viewers’ work and praising it effusively.”

As his tour of Create and Craft ends, you can see his enthusiasm shine through as he takes home a few essentials to get him started on his card-making adventure, and we are left with his promise that come Christmas, all his cards will be home-made.

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Photos courtesy of Anna Huix and The Independent.