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10 Things You Can Do With Mod Podge: Top Tips For Mod Podge Success

10 Things You Can Do With Mod Podge: Top Tips For Mod Podge Success

What’s so special about Mod Modge? If you’re asking that question, you’re probably relatively new to the fabulous world of Podge! So get comfy and stick the kettle on, because you’re about to discover a whole host of incredible uses for that bottle of Mod Podge gathering dust at the back of your craft cupboard! (And if you don’t have any in your craft cupboard, you’re about to discover why that needs rectifying, ASAP!)

Is Mod Podge Just Glue?

No! Mod Podge is so much more than just glue. Yes, you can use it to stick things down, but it’s also a finish and sealant! This fantastic 3-in-1 goody can be used for almost all types of projects, and on most surfaces. Essentially, Mod Podge is the decoupage medium no self-respecting crafter should be without. It can be used in a range of projects, from home decor and jewellery, to scrapbooking and upcycling.

Mod Podge Top Tips:

Tip 1: You can use Mod Podge with any foam brush or flat paintbrush, but for a super smooth application, we recommend you use foam. This is because the bristles of a flat brush can sometimes leave brush marks in your application, no matter how skilled you are at applying that Podge! A foam brush also allows you to have greater control over how much Mod Podge you are applying in one go.

Tip 2: Whilst it might feel dry-to-the-touch in an hour or so, the best thing to do with your Mod Podge project, is leave it to dry fully overnight, once complete.

Tip 3: When using your Mod Podge as a sealant and finish, be sure to cover the entire surface of your chosen project using thin, even strokes.  You do not need to apply the Podge thickly, as you will be adding multiple coats. Leave approximately an hour’s drying time between coats, and if you see any brush strokes you are unhappy with once each layer is dry, sand them out using super-fine sandpaper, and wipe down with a duster afterwards. Add a final topcoat over your sanded layer, and leave for 24 hours to dry.

Tip 4: Want to know how to achieve a super-smooth finish, without having to sand anything? our lovely Maz shares how she uses water to achieve a super-smooth finish in the stunning upcycling project she did earlier this month! Read all about it here.

What Can You Do With Mod Podge?

#1 Mod Podge Your Fabric

Did you know that Mod Podge can be used to make your fabric suitable for die cutting and applique? It’s true! You can even use it to decoupage fabrics onto objects like photo frames and pencil pots… so if you have some gorgeous fat quarters stashed away somewhere that you’re not quite sure what to do with, now’s the time to get them out!

#2 Upcycle Furniture and Ornaments

Yep – you can use Mod Podge to breath new life into frames, chairs, cupboards, shelves… the list is endless! If you haven’t read this month’s entry from the fabulous Maz on her gorgeous Mackenzie-Childs project, then you must check it out! Maz uses designer inspiration and a handy tub of Mod Podge to transform a set of old Denby coasters into something gorgeous!

#3 Craft for the Garden With Outdoor Mod Podge 

That’s right – you can use outdoor Modge Podge to decorate garden accessories – or even an old bike!

#4 Add Photos To Everything!

Gone are the days when photos of your loved ones could only be displayed in photo frames.  Now you can transfer your favourite photos onto wood, canvas, fabric and even candles using Mod Podge! Just think of the incredible personalised gifts you could create.

#5 Reinvigorate Your Wardrobe

There’s no need to go shopping, thanks to Mod Podge, you can simply re-design old shoes or handbags using glitters and fabrics!

#6 Stencil Like a Pro

Did you know that a layer of Mod Podge prevents paint seeping under your stencil when you’re stencilling? That’s a nifty Podge hack to have up your sleeve!

#7 Turn String, Twine and Lace Into Objects!

Thanks to the power of Podge, you can turn simple string, twine, lace and doilies into impressive 3D projects, like bowls, baskets and lampshades!

#8 Calling All Crafters

Always on the phone to your crafty friends? Now you can show off your crafty skills every time you take a call, by using Mod Podge to create a new phone cover using fabric or papers!

#9 Podge-Perfect Jewellery

You don’t need expensive beads and gems when you’ve got a pot of Mod Podge up your sleeve! Use this fantastic stuff to create jewellery out of paper, thanks to its super sealant quality.

#Create Bespoke Gifts


Turn something ordinary into something unique, using the power of Podge! Even candles can be transformed using your favourite photo , drawing or printed paper.

Desperate to get your hands on the fantastic Mod Podge range, and try out some of these crafty ideas? Get yours here!

Do you have any handy Podge tips and tricks that we haven’t shared here? If so, please do leave them in the comments below!

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