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Crafting Trends 2018: The Stag Head + Free Download

Crafting Trends 2018: The Stag Head + Free Download

Okay, okay — so the “stag head trend” isn’t anything new. In fact, it’s been a pretty significant focus of home decor for quite a few years now. Apparently, this trend began as a sort of ironic statement — a “faux taxidermy” protest — but then it kinda… stuck. What makes it great is that it’s nothing like taxidermy. We don’t see these stag heads and imagine this beautiful beast mounted on a wall — we see this elegant creature thriving in all its majestic glory. Like birds have always been a trendy motif in the spring, the current year-round motif is the rustic woodland deer.

Of course, what happens in interior design trends always filters its way down to the crafting industry. So, what stag head-related designs have we seen so far in our crafting products?

The Stag Head in Crafting

Tattered Lace brought us not one, not two, but THREE stag head dies last year! Each die has its own style, but each still retains that unmistakable Tattered Lace “look”.

You could go cartoon-esque with the simply titled “Stag Head Die“…

…or add an air of realism with their “Woodland Wonder Stag“.

Then there was the “Ultimate Collaboration Stag” — combining the die-cutting smarts of Tattered Lace with the beautifully sketched style of Rare Earth. Now, that one was certainly a treat.

Although we can’t make any promises, I don’t see any reason why the stag head trend will come to an end anytime soon. The future could see more stags in the crafting world, or focus might shift to another animal.

All we do know is that animal designs aren’t going ANYWHERE — our furry and feathered friends will always influence our designs and stay close to our hearts!

For now, dear crafters, I leave you with a parting gift: a stag head colouring page, designed by Cassie Brown. Just click the link below to download it for FREE! 🙂

Click Here to Download Our Stag Head Colouring Page

What are your thoughts on the “stag head trend”? Let us know in the comment box below!

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