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Is Crafting the Secret to a Happier Life?

Is Crafting the Secret to a Happier Life?

To celebrate the International Day of Happiness, we want to recognise what really makes us happy. Some of the happiest moments for a lot of us is when we’re crafting. That goes for crafties here and across the world! Crafting is an extremely beneficial hobby and, in our opinion, is the secret to a happier life. Not only can crafting positively impact mental wellbeing, but it’s also known to have soothing effects and great social benefits. For that reason, we want to explore why crafting creates so much happiness in our lives.

We’re not saying that crafting is the be-all and end-all of a restless mind. However, there are compelling signs to suggest that it can help alleviate some of the stresses of day-to-day life. Take our pal John Bloodworth, also known as the Gentleman Crafter, for example.

Throughout his life, John has suffered periods of depression and anxiety, but he found a creative outlet that made his mind feel a little more tranquil. Crafting is fantastic for reducing stress, lessening anxiety levels, and improving your overall mood. As UK-based mental health charity, Mind, was a valuable support system for John, he decided to take to the road to raise money and awareness about conditions close to his heart, whilst crafting along the way.

It’s widely thought that crafting imparts mindfulness, self-confidence, and mental stimulation. As they require a hands-on approach, craft-based hobbies such as knitting, sewing, cardmaking, pottery, cake decorating and art ordinarily increase people’s rhythmic hand movements. In turn, this is thought to improve dexterity and increase hand-eye coordination. As a bonus, they’re fantastic ways to connect with people in craft groups and on social media.

It’s apparent to us that crafting gives people a sense of meaning; a fulfilment of sorts. When you’re focussing your attention on intricate stitching, cutting or painting, time almost seems to disappear. You no longer feel like a single entity in the world, but part of something bigger. It’s like time pauses and our stresses temporarily fade away. Quite similar to meditation.

With this in mind, we decided to ask our Ambassadors and Presenters the following question:

What About Crafting Makes You Happy?

Stephanie Weightman: “What makes me happy is being surrounded by crafty stuff, making a mess, and being happy about the randomness of all of it.”

Wendy Turner Webster: “It’s being in my own little bubble and producing something that I’m pleased with – something that gives me pleasure when I look at it. It’s the feeling of personal satisfaction that makes me happy. And an admiring comment never goes amiss either, ha!”

Mich Turner: “What makes me happy when I am crafting is bringing creative inspiration to life to produce iconic masterpieces that each tell a story.”

Sarah Millsop: “I love that crafting gives me time to myself, to relax and forget about the daily stresses. Plus… I always have a fab new piece of jewellery to wear at the end of it as a little treat. ❤”

Julie Peasgood: “What makes me happy when it comes to crafting is zoning into a peaceful, mindful state to create something special – and the sense of joy and fulfilment when it turns out right!”

Andy Love: “For me, it’s the process after preparation and before completion. I often find I’m disappointed when a project comes to an end – it means I can no longer lose myself in the process – where I am truly happy.”

Cassie Brown: “Creating something out of nothing, knowing that I’ll be sharing how I made it with everyone. The feedback is always great because we learn by sharing ideas.”

Sarah Hurley: “The explosion of colour. You can’t not be happy when you’re surrounded by lots of colourful crafty things!”

We Want to Know Why Crafting Makes YOU Happy!

If you’d like to get involved, share your story on Facebook, Twitter, or leave us a comment below. It’s not really fair to expect you to share your stories without us giving ours, so we, Laura and Ciara the Create and Craft bloggers, want to share why crafting makes us happy.

Laura: “Crafting is so vital to survival because it is a creative outlet that people crave. Without it would be like living without colour or without air. Everyone needs a craft in their life, however random or unconventional it may seem!”

Ciara: “I understand mental illness very well… it’s something that really used to hold me back from enjoying life. But over time, I realised that bouts of creativity could set my mind free from its self-built cage. I no longer felt trapped or solely focused on my negative thoughts. Instead, I was converting that angst into a positive piece of art. Something that I’m proud of.”

If you’d like the opportunity to share your crafting story on our blog, let us know!

1 thought on “Is Crafting the Secret to a Happier Life?”

  • I have been crafting most of my life and came to papercrafting after losing my best friend who kept telling me I would be good at papercrafting .
    Well it really got me over my grief of loseing some one who was so special to me, and i haven’t looked back i have met some wonderful friends through crafting and look forward to meeting many more.
    Create and craft is where i find my products and creative ideas thank you to all demonstrators and presented and crafty crew love Jeannie from Skegness.

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