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Christmas Wreath Ideas: 10 Gorgeous Wreaths You Can Make At Home

Christmas Wreath Ideas: 10 Gorgeous Wreaths You Can Make At Home

It’s time to start preparing your gorgeous garlands and winter wreaths for Christmas – so we thought it was only appropriate that we hit you with some inspirational Christmas Wreath ideas! Whether you’re making your own  wreath, opting to buy a fresh one, or simply sprucing up the same faux Christmas wreath you’ve had for years, we’ve got you covered. Check out our pick of the best Christmas wreaths out there, and get yourself set for festive season in style.

Beautiful Berry Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath Image 1

This beautiful winter wreath is bursting with fresh greenery, including holly, mistletoe, and blue spruce fir. Dotted with bright red berries and pine cones, its the perfect way to add a traditional festive feel to your front door this Christmas!

Snow-Covered Seasonal Wreath

Christmas Wreath Image 2

There’s nothing more magical than a white Christmas… which is why we just love this snow powder dusted wreath! Gorgeous greenery sprinkled with faux snowfall will instantly transform your front doorstep into a whimsical winter wonderland!

‘An Apple A Day’ Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath Image 2

Fancy doing something a little different this Christmas? this alternative wreath is still packed with festive reds and greens, but uses moss, paradise apples and dry hortensia flowers to achieve an attention-grabbing look!

Bright and Simple Festive Wreath

Christmas Wreath Image 4

Of course there is another way to achieve a truly bright and beautiful finish – with an illuminated wreath! If you have some Christmas lights going spare this year, or perhaps you’re upgrading the tree decorations and want to put the old string lights to good use, why not add them to your Christmas wreath?

A Touch of Sparkle Wreath

Christmas Wreath Image 5

This beautiful wreath boldly boasts an alternative design to the traditional full circle, and features a selection of pine cones that have been spray painted silver for a glitzy and glamorous finish. Metallics are always a fantastic way to dress up your Christmas decor, and you could choose gold or silver to coordinate your wreath with your door handle/fixtures!

The Christmas Tree Wreath

Christmas Wreath Image 6

Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas Tree – so why not model your wreath on one this year? Twist real or faux fir branches together to create your wreath circle, then decorate with beads, baubles and other hanging decorations. Use matching decorations on both your wreath and your Christmas tree for a truly coordinated look this Christmas!

Sweet Yet Simple Modern Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath Image 7

If you’d like something a little simpler, you could create a wreath like this one. Shying away from the bold colours of Christmas, this wreath has been constructed using a selection of smaller Christmas ornaments in a pretty pastel colourscheme – perfect for an understated, yet beautiful, festive wreath.

Rustic in Red Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath Image 8

If understated is not your style, then this wreath may be more your cup of tea! Packed with decorations and embellishments, it’s bursting with Christmas cheer and festivity – perfect for the most wonderful time of the year!

Light-Up Luxury Wreath

Christmas Wreath Image 9

Here’s another bright and beautiful wreath! Featuring string lights, sparkling baubles and perfect pine cones atop a faux greenery base, this wreath will look glamorous by day, and bold and beautiful by night, too!

Craft Your Own Embellished Wreath

Christmas Wreath Image 10

Want something totally unique to hang on your front door this Christmas? Then we totally recommend unleashing your creativity, and building your own bespoke wreath! When it comes to wreath making, the only limit is your imagination – you can decorate your wreath base using ribbons, glitter, die-cut shapes and so much more! And if you’re looking for even more festive inspiration, check out the rest of our Christmas craft projects, articles and tutorials right here!


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