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Prepping For Christmas: Let’s Talk Festive Crafting Timelines

Prepping For Christmas: Let’s Talk Festive Crafting Timelines

Christmas in June?!” we hear you cry! It’s a concept that may seem a little odd to some… unless of course, you’re a crafter! For the truly creative and crafty among us, preparation for the big day does indeed begin more than six months ahead of the event. Want to know exactly how our Create and Craft contributors prepare in advance? Check out their countdown to Christmas timelines below, and discover exactly how you can make the most of taking the extra time to ensure your Christmas is magical and hassle-free!

Angela Finch:

June: In June I start making sure that I have enough packaging for selling, including business cards. This is the month for stocking up on printer ink and cards, as Christmas is one of my husband’s busiest times in his Etsy shop, and he usually leaves all this type of stuff to me!
July: July is the month I knuckle down and do my tax return so that I don’t have to worry about it over Christmas! This also includes the added bonus of checking my craft stash, so that I can order anything I’m running low on. I also continue creating Christmas cards for family (I have been slowly doing this all year!)
August: Now’s the time to start thinking about new designs and making lower price items, suitable for gifting.
September: Time to start making Christmas cake! I also like to utilise this downtime to learn some new skills.
October: In October I start taking photographs with Christmas props, to put in my online shop. I also change my tag words and keywords to include Christmas themed ones.
November: By this point, it will hopefully be obvious what the best seller will be! So in November, it’s time to make some more. I am usually ordering last minute supplies, as there is always one item that will take me by surprise.
December: Start thinking about creating gifts for family, finish the Christmas Cake… and relax!

Louise Dunbar:

June: I usually start to look at and buy crafty bits n bobs for making in time for Christmas, whilst saying to myself, ‘It’s far too early to start thinking about Christmas!’
July: In July I start writing lists of who to make for, and what to make.
August: Time to make a start on Christmas cards, and look for the list I made last year of the people I need to give them to. Inevitably, I fail to find said list, so start a new one… then wish I did actually start doing this in June!
September: Start buying Christmas gifts for people.
October: Time to start making gift boxes for the gifts I’ve bought, and buy more Christmas craft stuff because I can’t find the stuff I bought in June!
November: In November I attend a Christmas fair at my local school, to sell some of my makes and get a few extra pennies for Christmas, whilst spending more money on gifts for others.
December: Time to send out all the cards, wrap all the gifts I bought, find last year’s list and vow to remember where I put it for next year (knowing full-well I won’t) find all the stuff I bought in June, and tell myself I WILL start crafting in June next year!

Gill Cox:

June: I always check my Christmas card and present list in June, making sure I’ve updated all the addresses, and present preferences! I also check that I have enough crafting supplies, and if not, do a bulk order!
July: Time to make all overseas cards and pressies, and cut out tags ready for gifting.
August: In August I make the rest of my Christmas cards, and order more crafting supplies if need be.
September: September is for last-minute pressie buying, and also making the Christmas cake!
October: Time to make all the special cards for family and hand delivery.
November: In November I wrap pressents, bag and tag, and post out oversea cards and pressies to ensure they arrive in plenty of time.
December: This is the month I post and deliver the rest of the cards and pressies, make sure my list is clear by completing any last-minute makes, perhaps a few more tags… and hopefully have everything done and dusted by December 10th! And breathe…

Tracey Collett:

June: June is all about getting the box of Christmas craft stock out of the loft, and making samples for Create and Craft launches!
July: This month is all about stocking up on extra bits and pieces to make Christmas cards and projects at craft fairs.
August: I start to plan the events I am going to attend, book them and start to think about what sorts of products I want to make to sell.
September: In September crafting for these events takes over in our house, with painting and prepping wood items etc.
October: October is busy busy busy! I’m decorating products, making the cards for my stalls, and adding finishing touches to stall displays.
November: Time to attend events and sell at local fairs, as well as make new stock when I sell out!
December: Relax if possible, but continue to make some cards for friends and family.

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