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Celebrate Chinese New Year The Crafty Way [Free Cardmaking Downloads!]

Celebrate Chinese New Year The Crafty Way [Free Cardmaking Downloads!]

Unlike our own New Year celebrations, the Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar. Chinese families will gather together for dinner on New Year’s Eve, and ensure their houses are well swept and cleaned, so there’s no bad fortune cluttering up the place on New Year’s Day! Be sure not to do any dusting on New Year’s Day itself though… or you’ll sweep away all the good luck! Want to ensure plenty of good fortune for 2019? Serve your family and friends a fish dish on Chinese New Year’s Eve, to ensure you see wealth in the year ahead! Check out some other Chinese New Year Traditions below, and discover how to join in with the festivities this February!

Red Envelopes:

Red envelopes are traditionally handed out at Chinese New Year, as gifts from older family members to younger relatives, and even from employers to their employees! What’s inside? Something to ensure their New Year gets off to a prosperous start… money! If you fancy handing out a red envelope or two this year, why not personalise them by crafting your own? Stock up on beautiful red paper at Create and Craft and fold to create your own envelopes – you could even add embellishments for an extra decorative finish!

The Dragon Dance with Fireworks:

A popular dance at New Year, this incredible display is produced by a team of dancers manipulating a long flexible dragon structure. Why? Because the Chinese believe that dragons bring luck – and the longer the dragon used in the dance, the more luck the community will enjoy that year! And to ensure no negativity can spoil the festivities, the Chinese set off loud firecrackers, believing the pyrotechnics will serve to ward away evil spirits!

The Lantern Festival:

A symbol of prosperity and success, lanterns are traditionally carried and hung during the Lantern Festival, which marks the final day of the Chinese New Year celebrations. In ancient times, the lanterns were relatively simple and straightforward creations, but in modern times, ornately embellished lanterns have become popular, as well as intricately shaped lanterns, like animal structures. In Chinese culture, the colour red is associated with wealth and good fortune, so not only are their envelopes red, but the lanterns are too!

2019: The Year of The Pig [FREE DOWNLOAD!]

In Chinese astrology, each year is assigned a zodiac animal – and 2019 is the Chinese Year of the Pig. The pig is the twelfth of all the zodiac animals, and is associated with the natural element of water, linking it to intuition and emotion. Those born under the Chinese sign of the pig are said to take a more philosophical and intellectual approach to life, with a calm nature and refined manners.

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Chinese New Year is celebrated by a quarter of the world! Will you be joining in this year? What crafty decorations will you be creating? Let us know in the comments!