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Charlotte Newland’s Happy Birthday Bunting

Charlotte Newland’s Happy Birthday Bunting

“Bunting adds the perfect handmade touch to a birthday party, and with this tutorial, you can make your very own colourful bunting that will last forever!” – Charlotte Newland

You Will Need:

How to Make Happy Birthday Bunting

First, iron your fat quarters and stack them in a pile. Use your straight edge rotary cutter blade to cut two 9” strips across the 18” width of the pile of fat quarters. Line up the 30º line on your ruler with the short edge of one pile of strips, and cut with the pinking blade.

Continue to cut diagonally across each 9” strip with your pinking blade until you have 18 triangles with two pinked edges and one straight edge.

Download and print this PDF download, then trace around the letters onto Wonder-Under.

Cut roughly around each letter and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to fuse them onto the scraps of fabric left over from cutting the triangles.

Once the letters have been fused to the fabric, cut them out carefully using sharp scissors, remove the paper backing, and then fuse each letter to a flag with the straight edge at the top of the triangle. Use a ruler to make sure the letters are lined up with each other.

When all the flags are ready, you can sew them onto the binding. Arrange them in order with a plain flag between the words ‘Happy’ and ‘Birthday’, and two plain flags at each end. Sandwich each flag into the fold of the bias binding one at a time, and sew. Make sure to leave about 30cm of bias binding at each end so that you can hang the bunting later.

Hang your colourful, reusable bunting around the room and enjoy your party!

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