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How To Use Chameleon Pens

How To Use Chameleon Pens

Far more than ‘just another marker pen’, Chameleon Pens offer an innovative way for colour enthusiasts to breathe life into their artistic endeavors – be it stamped designs on card fronts, illustrations in scrapbooks, adult colouring designs, fine art creations and everything else in between! These alcohol-based pens give you the ability to produce a spectrum of colour tones with just a handful of pens, and achieve seamless blending from colour to colour! Want to learn more about the incredible things you can do with Chameleon Pens? Check out our top tips and video tutorials below!

Top Tips On Using Your Chameleon Pens:

Chameleon Pens Tip #1: Create longer blends and smoother transitions by colouring side to side.

Chameleon Pens Tip #2: Stay in one area and work light to dark like a watercolour – you can try a circular motion too.

Chameleon Pens Tip #3: The Chameleon Colour Tones System works best when you colour your image from light to dark. As you are planning your colouring, think of colouring away from the light source.

Chameleon Pens Tip #4: “Hop” the colour from place to place within a project. Examples of the Hopping Technique: A bunch of grapes or the petals on a flower – each one is a different tone because they are coloured separately. As the toning medium is coloured out of the pen, the darker tones appear.

Chameleon Pens Tip #5: Dial it back. For longer blends, re-infuse the nib to lighten the colour and start the colouring again towards the end of the lighter area – then blend out to darker.

Chameleon Pens Tip #6: Work with the original colour for large areas with no colour gradiation or tonal variances (no Toning Medium required). Layer the original colour to get even darker tones.

See Chameleon Pens In Action:

How To Texture With Chameleon Pens:

How To Colour Characters With Chameleon Pens:

How To Achieve Different Tones Using Colour Overlay with Chameleon Pens:



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  • I have waited a long time for these pens to come back to the create and craft channel because there are the only ones that I’ve seen with the skin tone colours.. they haven’t arrived yet, I have just watched the tutorial video and hopefully they come before I forget the tips shown.

    • Hello Denise! This depends entirely on how much you use each pen – it’s time to refill when the colour is no longer its full strength when used without toning medium, or when no toning medium comes out of the chamber when you try to infuse.

  • Help I caught the end of a show where the presenter was using Chameleon pens with alcohol wipes to create a blended background could yo tell me more please?

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