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Café Curtain

Café Curtain

cafe curtain

Enjoy the summer sunshine but keep cool with this stunning vintage inspired café curtain.

This type of curtain affords privacy while letting in the light, and makes the window a pretty feature. It’s simple but looks effective and stylish; you can also personalise to create your own unique design.

You will need:

Main fabric measuring 18 x 36in (45.7 x 91.5cm)
Lining fabric measuring the same
Nine pieces of main fabric measuring 3 x 8in (7.5 x 20.3cm)
Nine lining pieces measuring the same
Nine buttons
Loop turner

How to:

  1. To make the tab tops, lay the nine fabric rectangles right sides together with the nine lining pieces and sew around three sides, leaving one end open for curtain3
  2. You may find a loop turner makes the job easier; this is a metal stick with a hook on the end (see page 11*). Feed it into the tube and grab the end of the fabric, then simply pull through.
  3. Fold over the bottom of the curtain fabric twice by ¼in (0.5cm) and sew to make a hem, then do the same with the lining curtain4
  4.  Evenly space the nine tabs across the right side of the curtain fabric, raw edges together and facing inwards, and pin.
  5. Lay the lining on top of this and pin across the top and sides, then sew all the way round. Turn the right way out and curtain5
  6. Fold over the tabs and secure each one with a button. Thread the curtain pole through and hang the curtain2

*For this project but loads more stunning sewing ideas, grab a copy of the Half Yard Home book by our very own Debbie Shore, available here.