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Cactus Pincushion: Free Printable Templates

Cactus Pincushion: Free Printable Templates

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Here’s a prickly project to get stuck into (or at least stick a few pins into..!) if you’re looking for a cute way to dress up your craft table! This trendy cactus pincushion provides the perfect combination of stylish desktop decor and craft room functionality. Now you can create a handy place to keep pins and needles accessible, that’s awesome awesome to look at! Check out Becky’s Cole step-by-step tutorial below, download your free cactus pincushion templates, and get crafting!

Time to Make: 1 hour

Skill Level: Beginner

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Felt shapes to cut

Cut 6 of the cactus template shapes from the green felt using pinking shears.

Step 2:

Cactus pincushion tutorial step

Pair up the felt shapes together and sew a narrow seam around the pinked edges, leaving the bottoms open. Make sure you secure the start and ends with some reverse stitches for strength.

Step 3:

Cactus pincushion tutorial step

Place all three stitched pairs on top of each other, and sew a line of machine stitching straight down the centre through all 6 layers of felt. Make sure you secure the start and end with some reverse stitches for strength.

Step 4:

Cactus pincushion tutorial step

Turn the cactus upside down and stuff each of the 6 pockets nice and tightly with toy stuffing. Make sure the sections sit nice and firm and plump.

Step 5:

Cactus pincushion tutorial step

Using some thread and a needle, stitch up the bottoms of each section with a simple whip stitch. You don’t need to worry about this part being too neat, as it won’t be seen.

Step 6:

Cactus pincushion tutorial step

Cut out 4 large flowers from the orange felt and 4 small flowers from the yellow felt.

Step 7:

Cactus pincushion tutorial step

Fix an orange flower to the centre top of the cactus with some hot glue and the other 3 orange flowers around the sides of the cactus. Using hot glue, stick the yellow flowers on top of each of the orange ones. Push a black headed pin into the centre of each of the flowers.

Step 8:

Cactus pincushion tutorial step

Apply a layer of hot glue around the inside edge of the terracotta pot and place your cactus inside. Add some extra dabs of glue at the points where the cactus touches the sides of the pot, if you want to add more strength.

Step 9:

Cactus pincushion tutorial step

Cut your decorative ribbon to fit around the circumference of the top of the pot and allow a small overlap. Place a small dab of hot glue, and stick one end of the ribbon to it. Pass the ribbon around the top of the pot and fix with some more hot glue, overlapping the ends.

Cactus pincushion tutorial step

Now your cactus pincushion is complete! It’s time to add the pins and needles that give it that prickly finish… and make it the perfect sewing table companion!

Now your sewing table’s ready for action, it’s time to find your next sewing project… check out the rest of our sewing projects, articles and tutorials right here!

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