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Butterfly Life Cycle Project for Kids

Butterfly Life Cycle Project for Kids

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If you’re looking for creative ways to keep your children learning at home, then introducing a little crafting is a great way to motivate young minds! Learning through play makes it easy for little ones to stay on-task… because it doesn’t feel like work at all. This awesome butterfly life cycle project is a fun way to explore the incredible transformation process that takes these beautiful insects from egg to butterfly, as well as developing your little one’s fine motor skills, and encouraging creativity, as they work with their clay to produce each stage.

Butterfly Life Cycle Step-by-Step Project:

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Butterfly life cycle project tutorial step

Begin by getting the kids to choose their caterpillar colourscheme, and start modelling lots of tiny balls using the silk clay. This is a great activity for little hands, as it helps to develop those all important fine motor skills that are required for handwriting, getting dressed, using cutlery, and more!

Step 2:

Butterfly life cycle project tutorial step

Stage two is bringing all those tiny pieces together to create some eggs, and caterpillar characters! And don’t forget to download and print our free butterfly life cycle printable, so you can talk through what you’re making, whilst you get creative. Once the caterpillars are fully formed, give them a face by adding the googly eyes.

Step 3:

Butterfly life cycle project tutorial step

Now it’s time to talk about the chrysalis! Grab a sheet of tissue paper and explain what a chrysalis is whilst helping your child to create one for each of their caterpillars (once the caterpillars are dry!)  Twist the tissue paper at both ends to finish.

Step 4:

Butterfly life cycle project tutorial step

Time for your creations to emerge as a butterfly? Attach one of the caterpillars to a clothes peg; if the silk clay is still damp, you can push it onto the wooden clothes peg without glue, as silk clay sticks to wood. Fold an 11 x 16 cm piece of tissue paper in half, then insert it into the clothes peg for big, beautiful butterfly wings!

Step 5:

Education worksheet

Don’t forget our Butterfly Life Cycle sheet is yours to print out and keep! Use it as a prompt whilst you craft, and a great sheet to refer back to later, to see how much they remember. Can they explain each stage to you? You could even get your little ones to colour in the word ‘Butterfly’ in the centre, and stick it up on the wall!

Looking for more ways to keep the children busy crafting at home? We’re constantly adding projects to our Kids Craft category right here on the blog!

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