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The Busy Days Planner – Social Media Exec Tests the Product

The Busy Days Planner – Social Media Exec Tests the Product

As the Create & Craft Social Media Exec, I often get the privilege of seeing products first-hand before they launch. Part of my role is constantly thinking up new ways to tease items on our Social Pages (yes I am responsible for Naughty Nigel’s party in a lift), however this time, I couldn’t resist using the product all for myself! The Busy Days Planner by Box Clever Press is exclusively launching for our #CCBirthday Event and I was lucky (and pushy) enough to nab this snazzy planner at the start of April. I have to say this all-in-one diary/planner kept me creatively inspired for the huge task of organising both Easter and Birthday across all of our Social platforms. It’s certainly been a busy days month! Here’s how I got on with planning the best Birthday ever (hopefully)!

April promised to be the busiest month of my new-ish role with the launch of our two upcoming major events. I was eager to impress and vowed to make this the best carnival of wonders on Social for my Crafties. I had a huge amount of competitions to launch as well as just-for-fun engagement pieces and show promotions. My ideas were bursting at the seams – there was so much fun to be had, but I needed to get them all out on paper. I needed to be able to visualise my ideas and turn them into social plans and dates; the Busy Days Planner certainly helped me from start to finish. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed the aspect of stickering, too! The stickers were such cute and helpful features that helped me to personalise my plans. As a visual person, it was great to be able to find the scribbled notes I needed in a flash thanks to the helpful prompts.

The first thing that struck me about the Busy Days Planner was its quality. The paper was a great thickness and it held together really well – this is vital for emergency flicking just before an important meeting. I like that the planner was all about inspiring and motivating me, allowing me to map out my goals for the next four weeks and then reflect on them afterwards, keeping me on track for May. It’s all go, go, go here at Create & Craft, as we are always working hard and staying dedicated to our Crafties, so it’s important to keep well planned out and focused along the way, without feeling overwhelmed at the workload or upcoming events. I love this planner almost as much as I love my job! No two days are the same here, and this planner makes the perfect paper companion for my busy (and sometimes rather messy) desk. Not only this, but the planner became my go-to grab when I was rushing off to creative sessions, working from home or simply taking meeting notes.

My favourite feature (apart from the fancy stickers) was that the pages were so easy to tear out and re-jig. Working in such a fast-paced environment means I am often having to change things last minute so it was fab having a planner that could keep up with me. The great thing about it is that you can have it as full or as empty as you like, allowing you to keep it by your desk or carry it on the go in your handbag. It’s so pretty so I didn’t mind taking it around everywhere I went.

I truly recommend this planner to everyone – not just crafters. It would be the ideal helpful diary for a student, a keen creative or a busy mum. Not only did it help me to visualise my goals, it also helped me to remember to take some time out for myself each month, which can so often be forgotten about in such a busy role. I loved the ‘goals’ section and the beautifully laid out ‘dreams’ page. This planner will take you from the start of the month by helping you to lay out your plans, right through to the end to help you to reflect on them. It really is ideal for all types of people, no matter what you do in life. I’m excited to look back over the year and read my reminders (and re-visit the stickers, of course) to see what my hopes and dreams were. I can’t wait to see the launch of the Busy Days Planner on Tuesday 25th April at 8am. Put that date in your planners, Crafties!

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