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The Busy Days Planner is BACK! And Now You Can Use It With Your ScanNcut!

The Busy Days Planner is BACK! And Now You Can Use It With Your ScanNcut!

Have you ever dreamt of using your ScanNcut to personalise your Busy Days Planner? Well now you can! Introducing our New and Exclusive Busy Days Planner – Baking, Gardening & Crafting USB, now you’ll be able to be freely creative, enabling you to add photos and extra pages. Turn the planner from an organisational tool into something that will be treasured forever. Now you’ll be able to use your ScanNcut, Cricut and Cameo machines along with the fabulous USB stick full of ideas to make beautiful accessories for your planner. Tune in on Sunday 17th September at 12pm.

The Busy Days 12 month planner with the Hobby Edition USB – includes:

  • Busy Days Planner (a large beautifully illustrated 16-month planner which starts in September 2017 and runs until December 2018.
  • Week-to-view with large spaces; each month features pretty themed patterns and illustrations.
  • Pages for diary planning and recording memories; yearly planning pages, ‘Hopes and dreams for the year’ pages, Pages for ‘Projects and Plans’, Record goals, special events and birthdays for each month, plus ‘That was the month that’ pages.
  • The planner features a flexible disc binding system so pages can be easily removed and added.
  • Made with high quality 140gsm acid-free paper, 0.95mm Polypropylene (PP) front and back covers, 2 sticker sheets, a plastic ‘zip close’ pocket for accessory storage, a synthetic paper double sided pocket and monthly dividers made from 210gsm card with laminated month tabs), 9 additional discs for binding spare planner pages

PLUS, new with the hobby edition the USB also includes:

  • A Standard folder of basic files such as: A standard full page, a half page – portrait, a half page – landscape (all to fit the Busy Days Planner) 1 set of dividers and 1 shaped pocket.
  • A folder of gorgeous files for each of the following hobby areas: Papercraft, Yarncraft, Sewing, Baking, Cooking and Gardening.
  • Each folder will contain: 2x Hobby themed photo pages, 2x themed pockets, 2x Projects dividers, 4x hobby themed printable scrapbook papers, Hobby themed boxes, bunting and shapes to fit spaces in the planner as well as 4 or more printable project/design pages per folder e.g.: Recipe page, shopping list page, sewing project list, gardening – month by month, seed plans and more!

What do you think of our new Busy Days Planner? Drop us a comment down below, and remember to tune in for the launch at 12pm on Sunday 17th September.

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