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Make a Beautiful Bunny Ears Headband for Easter!

Make a Beautiful Bunny Ears Headband for Easter!


This beautiful bunny ears headband is bursting with spring blooms, and makes playing the Easter bunny a total delight. Made using colourful felt that's been carefully crafted into fantastic flowers, this headband is the perfect way to brighten up any Easter party...and is sure to put an extra spring in your little one's step as they hunt for eggs!

Easter Bunny Ears Headband Tutorial

Check out Penelope Quinn's tutorial video above, then scroll down for detailed step-by-step instructions on exactly how you can create this gorgeous project yourself.

Step 1:

Wire twisting technique

Take 50cm of wire, and bend in both ends so the ends overlap in the middle. Place your finger in the bend so it forms a ring shape (we’ll place string in here later) then start twisting until it meets in the middle. Use your pliers to cut off the excess, if necessary.

Step 2:

Bunny ears headband tutorial step

Cut a strip of green felt 3cm wide. Apply a small amount of hot glue to one end, and start wrapping around the wire. This will give your flowers something to stick to. You’ve now made the front part of your headpiece.

Step 3:

Bunny ears headband tutorial step

Cut your bunny ears – use white felt for the outer ear, and cut about 18cm high by 8cm wide. For the inner ear, use cream felt, and cut slightly smaller pieces with round tips. Glue together.

Step 4:

Cut two 3cm slits equal distance apart at the bottom of each ear. Apply a small dab of hot glue to the bottom-right side of the ear just above the slit, and fold the ear together. Hold in place until the glue is cool.

Step 5:

Bunny ears headband tutorial step

Position where you’d like to place your ear, then take the centre flap at the bottom of the ear and wrap around your headpiece, securing with hot glue.

Bunny ears headband tutorial step

Hold until cool. You now have the two outer flaps – fold these under the headpiece and secure at the back with glue.

Bunny ears headband tutorial step

This will give your ear a folded shape.

Step 6:

Bunny ears headband tutorial step

Make each of your flowers by taking a piece of felt and drawing a spiral shape, with a 4cm gap between each line. Draw semi-circle ‘petals’ all the way around, making the petals larger as you work towards the centre. Cut out.

Step 7:

Bunny ears headband tutorial step

Start at the outer end of the spiral and start rolling, using a few dabs of hot glue to keep everything in place.

Bunny ears headband tutorial step

When you reach the end, use the centre of the spiral to secure the flower shape, by gluing it to the bottom of the rose.

Bunny ears headband tutorial step

Step 8:

Bunny ears headband tutorial step

Once complete, glue your felt flowers to your headpiece, and finish with leaves cut from green felt.

Step 9:

Attaching string to completed project

Now there's nothing left to do but add the twine, and try it on for size!

Finished project being worn


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