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Bullet Journal Printables: Free Pages For Beginners!

Bullet Journal Printables: Free Pages For Beginners!

If you’re brand new to the world of bullet journaling, you may be feeling a little intimidated by the pages and pages of intricately illustrated, and lovingly constructed bullet journal pages that appear after a quick Google search. *Don’t panic*. Complex layouts and minutely detailed keys are not where you need to begin with bullet journaling! Instead, pop the kettle on, and check out our Beginner’s Guide to Bullet Journaling right here. Once you’ve read that, check out our free bullet journal printables below, and get started on your own bujo journey with maximum ease, thanks to our perfectly printable bullet journal ideas designed for you.

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The cult productivity system widely known as bullet journaling (or more intimately referred to as ‘Bujo,’ by those in the know) has taken the journaling world by storm. A fantastic way to combine organisation and creativity, it’s not hard to see why people the world over are falling in love bullet journaling.

What can be tricky though, is knowing exactly where to start, when it comes to creating bullet journal pages of your own. Which is why we thought we’d give you a little nudge in the right direction, with a selection of gorgeous bullet journal printables, which you can download here, for free!

These printable bullet journal pages have been designed to give you a helping hand when it comes to putting together your first bullet journal (and getting past that scary ‘first page fear’!) Each of our bullet journal pages provides you with an opportunity to track, reflect and plan, as well as the space to get creative and make each bullet journal page your own.

Check out our bullet journal printables below, and get started on your bujo journey with a little help from Create and Craft!

Download Our Free Bullet Journal Printables:

Bullet Journal Printable Page – Mindfulness Tracker:

Bullet journal mindfulness tracker

As busy people, we can often get swept up in the daily rat race, and become all too easily consumed by worrying about the past or fretting about the future. It’s not the happiest way to live, and can cause anxiety and overwhelm… but how do we tackle it? Mindfulness is the basic ability to be fully present and aware of exactly where we are and what we feel in the present moment. Whilst it may sound simple, in today’s day and age it’s not a state of mind that comes naturally – but it can be developed with daily practise.

How often do you find yourself eating your meal, whilst simultaneously watching the news, worrying about that big meeting tomorrow, and dreading having to do the washing up afterwards? If you could focus all of your awareness purely on the meal you were eating – how wonderful it tasted, how hot the food was, and the texture of each mouthful, you’d be practising mindfulness… and you’d be shutting down all those other worrying thoughts!

With this in mind (no pun intended) we’ve designed this simple yet super mindfulness tracker daily log, which encourages you to stop and smell the roses every day. We want you to really be aware of what you experience in the present moment! This bullet journal page can be printed multiple times, and each sheet will enable you to track two days of mindfulness. Add to your bullet journal regularly, to start noticing the difference in your mindset!

Download Your Mindfulness Tracker Here.


Bullet Journal Printable Page – Books Read:

Bullet journal books read tracker

When it’s raining outside and you’ve got an hour or two to kill, there’s nothing like snuggling up under a blanket and reading a good book! And what better way to take stock of all the fabulous reads you’ve notched up this year, than with this pretty book tracker bullet journal page?

Not only can you use this bookworm bullet journal template to keep track of all the books you’ve read (which it makes it easy to recommend the good ones to friends!) but you can also print another page and create a reading ‘to do’ list, too!

Download Your Books Read Tracker Here.

Bullet Journal Printable Page – Birthday Tracker:

Bullet journal birthday tracker

Are you absolutely awesome at forgetting birthdays?! Well those days will be a thing of the past, once you print out this super useful bullet journal page! Introducing the birthday tracker – a foolproof way to keep track of whose birthday falls when, so you can be super prepared with a beautifully handmade card on the big day! Simply add the names of your friends and family to the balloons, and you can refer to this gorgeous bullet journal printable throughout the year.

Download Your Birthday Tracker Here.

Bullet Journal Printable Page – Creativity Tracker:

Bullet journal creativity tracker

This might possibly be our favourite printable bullet journal page… because you can print it out and fill it with all your creative and crafty ideas! What better habit tracker could there be for a craftaholic?

Be sure to keep your bullet journal to hand whenever you’re watching Create and Craft, so that when you see a new technique you’re keen to try, you can jot it down here and make sure you don’t forget! Then, the next time you have a crafty afternoon to yourself, simply refer to this bullet journal page, pick an idea, and start crafting!

Download Your Creativity Tracker Here.

Bullet Journal Printable Page – Pen Tracker:

Bullet journal pen tracker

And now a page for the artists among you! This pretty bunting-inspired pen tracker page is the perfect place to lay down your inks, so you can see exactly what colours you have to work with. When it comes to colouring in scrapbooks, stamped images, cardfronts and more… this is must-have hack!  If you have a super-sized pen collection, simply print out more pages!

Download Your Pen Tracker Here.

Bullet Journal Printable Page – Washi Tape Tracker:

Bullet journal washi tape tracker

Ahhh washi tape! It’s such a fantastic way to add eye-catching colour, sparkle and fun to scrapbook pages, gift tags, cardfronts and more! And now, thanks to this handy bullet journal page, you needn’t have to root around in that bottomless craft drawer every time you’re after a pretty piece of tape to co-ordinate perfectly with this week’s project.

Instead, simply stick a square sample of each washi tape from your collection onto this tracker printable, then refer to it every time you need to pick a design to craft with!

Download Your Washi Tape Tracker Here.

Once your bullet journal notebook is up and running, you can update your bullet journal monthly, weekly, or even daily! Life is messy and brilliant… and so is journaling it! Whenever you’re feeling the urge to get creative, grab your planner stickers, washi tape and all the pens you can hold… and get creative!

And for more info on awesome weekly spreads, how to create a mood tracker, monthly log layout ideas, what the heck a bullet journal key is, and MORE – check out all our bullet journal guides right here!

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