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Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Page Ideas

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Page Ideas

If you hadn’t already noticed, we are madly in love with the ever-growing trend that is bullet journaling at the moment! The perfect combination of planning, organisation and total creativity…. we can’t think of a better way to¬† spend a spare evening! Not only does it enable you to get to grips with your day-to-day life, but it also allows you a creative outlet for doodling, designing and adding some colour to your life! This week we sent Helen Kirkham and Carla Bagshaw one of our gorgeous Gold Journal Planners to get creative with, and we were thrilled with the results! Check out the stunning selection of monthly bullet journal cover pages they produced, and be inspired to start a new page (or 12!) in your own bullet journal!

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Pages Header Image

A gorgeous combination of classic kraft card, elegant calligraphy and delicate floral embellishment, we love this monthly page for January!

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover January

Ushering in one of the most romantic days of the year, February’s monthly cover page is aptly decorated with beautifully inked pink hearts.

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover February

Check out this stunning watercolour effect background on March’s Monthly cover page! The incredible combination of colours produces a striking sunrise effect, sporting a super stylish geometric stag design at its centre.

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover March

With April, we look forward to sunshine and spring blooms – perfectly celebrated in this bullet journal monthly page, with a detailed depiction of blooming buds!

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover April

May’s bullet journal monthly page is as stylish as it is appropriate to the month! Combining straight lines with wild blooms, this trendy design pops with purple petals, and is the perfect introduction to a month filled with sunshine and flowers!

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover May

How gorgeous is this beautiful watercolour bird soaring across a dazzling gold sun? We just love the combination of delicate colours, shimmering metallics and bold black outlines.

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover June

Pick your favourite colour and recreate this gorgeous July title page with ease. A pretty mix of tiny polka dots and elegant flowing foliage, this pretty page design could be utilised and adapted to suit any bullet journal monthly page design throughout the year!

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover July

Fancy something quick and easy? Try creating a designer-style striped finish by utilising your favourite printed papers!

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover August

Highlight the transition of the seasons in September by working in a gorgeous autumnal colour palette! This beautiful wreath looks gorgeous taking centre-stage on this bullet journal monthly cover page, and is quick and easy to recreate.

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover September

It wouldn’t be October without a pumpkin now, would it? And we just love this bold and beautiful design below! Highlighting celebrations that fall within a certain month is a great way to find inspiration for your own bullet journal monthly pages – and these could include ones that are personal to you, like birthdays and wedding anniversaries!

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover October

For your winter cover pages, switch up your colour palette to incorporate a cooler look – think crisp whites and cool blues for a truly frosty finish!

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover November

We know it doesn’t always snow in December… but snowflakes are too beautiful not to get featured somewhere in your bullet journal, right?

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover December

If you want to take a more uniform approach to your bullet journal monthly cover pages, check out the designs below – combine a selection of geometric shapes with border embellishments, and sit each month in the centre of your design. It’s simple but effective – and leaves you space to come back and decorate/doodle on, as the month itself progresses!


Love this article? Why not check out our free printable bullet journaling pages? Or, if you’re totally new to bullet journaling and want to get to grips with exactly what it is and how to get started, then read our beginner’s guide to bullet journaling, here! This simple yet exciting concept has taken the craft world by storm – if you love it as much as we do, feel free to share your own ideas and tips in the comments below!

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