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Bullet Journal Doodles: Simple Ways to Decorate Your Pages

Bullet Journal Doodles: Simple Ways to Decorate Your Pages

Bullet journaling is the perfect combination of creativity and organisation – a fantastic pastime for those of us who love to plan… but also love to scribble, doodle and decorate! If you’re looking for creative ways to embellish your written lists, targets and trackers with pretty bullet journal doodles, then let us inspire you! Check out the lovely Carla Bagshaw’s bullet journal ideas below, and discover oodles of different ways to add banners, borders and more to the pages of your journal, to make it as much fun to look at, as it is to create.

We sent Carla Bagshaw one of our incredible Leuchtturm bullet journals to get creative with… and we think you’ll love the results as much as we do! Check out the gorgeous bullet journal doodles she’s created below, and start adding your favourites to your own journal pages, today!

Banners and Frames:

Bullet journal doodles - banners

When creating lists, calendars and more, it’s important to title your pages so that you know, at a glance, exactly what you’re looking at when you flip your bullet journal open. That’s where these gorgeous banners and frames come in! Use them to create stand-out headlines for each of your pages, and fill them with colour and eye-catching script for a truly creative finish. You could make each page different with a mix-and-match approach to choosing your designs, or you could co-ordinate your whole journal with doodles that match one another!

Decorative Wreaths:

Bullet journal doodles - wreaths

We just LOVE these simple yet stunning wreath scribbles – perfect for embellishing page numbers, goal trackers, or even adding a pretty frame around another doodle or image. There’s something about adding circular designs atop square dotted grids that makes these really stand out! If you’d like to try recreating any of these pretty little wreaths in your own bullet journal, grab yourself a circular coin or button and sketch around it with a pencil first – this will ensure your circle is perfectly formed, before you begin embellishing it!

Page Borders:

Bullet journal doodles - borders

Circles are great – but straight lines are definitely a must for decorating your bullet journal… not least because a lot of the hard work has been done for you! If you’re using a dotted grid bullet journal, then it’s easy to ensure your borders are straight and symmetrical. Experiment with adding leaves, flowers, hearts, flourishes and more at equal intervals along your borders (use the dotted grid to help!) to frame paragraphs, tables, lists and more.

Corner Ideas:

Bullet journal doodles - corners

A neat alternative to full page borders is, of course, the cute little corner! A fantastic way to add a decorative finish to a plain page, corners can be used both in the corners of the pages themselves, or around tables, lists, and other content sections to help ‘divide’ them from the rest of the page, or make them stand out more. These can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be… experiment with dots, hearts, stars, flowers and more, using Carla’s corners as your starting point!

Page Dividers:

Bullet journal doodles - dividers

Page dividers are a great way to help you combine two or more sections on one page – for example you might write a paragraph about a particular goal you’d like to accomplish at the top of the page, then set up a tracker or a checklist underneath it. Separating the two with a decorative page divider is the perfect way to keep things neat, tidy… and gorgeous! You can also use these as eye-catching headers and footers to full pages too – it’s totally up to you how you use these gorgeous doodles!

If you’re totally new to bullet journaling and still wondering what all the fuss is about, check out our beginner’s guide to getting started right here, or read about the origin of the bullet journal here. For lots more inspirational ideas, page layouts, free templates, and more – check out the rest of our bullet journaling category here.

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