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Lou Collins Brush Lettering Template – Print Your Free Download!

Lou Collins Brush Lettering Template – Print Your Free Download!

If you’re a fan of watercolour, calligraphy or brush lettering, you’re probably already aware that these beautiful motivational quotes are everywhere right now! People are framing them for their walls, creating them for their loved ones, adorning their journals with them… and sharing them all over Instagram and Pinterest! If you’d love to have a go at creating your own, but don’t really know where to start – we’ve got you covered right here! In this fantastic tutorial, our queen of brush lettering, the lovely Lou Collins, has not only put together a set of step-by-step instructions, but she’s also created a fab brush lettering template (which you can download for free right here) that will guide you through the process of creating your very own gorgeous piece of aspirational artwork.

You Will Need:

Brush Lettering Template – Your Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1:

Project image step 1

On watercolour paper, sketch a circle around 8″ wide.

Step 2:

Brush lettering project image step 2

Print off our brush lettering template onto copy paper, and use a light box to trace this through into the centre of the circle with a pencil.

Step 3:

Brush lettering project image step 3

Now you can add the flowers and leaves around the edge of the circle, to complete the wreath design.

Step 4:

Brush lettering project image step 4

Add some watercolour concentrates to a palette, and add a little water.

Step 5:

Brush lettering project image step 5

Now you can start painting! Begin with the wording in the middle. Write each letter first with water, and then add a little colour and watch it bleed around the wet paper. Using two different colours in this way will allow them to blend nicely together.

Step 6:

Finished project image

Complete your design by adding colour to the flowers and leaves around the edge. Make sure to allow your paintwork to dry completely before erasing your pencil lines.

And there you have it! Your very own piece brush lettering art is complete and ready to be framed, added to your art journal, or given as a gift! Plus – you can keep your brush lettering template, and use the individual elements to create other designs… the possibilities are endless!

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