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Create Cute Rainbow Notebooks with Your Brother ScanNCut [FREE Files]

Create Cute Rainbow Notebooks with Your Brother ScanNCut [FREE Files]

If you’re looking for inspiration on all the crafty things you can do with your Brother ScanNCut, then how about this bright and beautiful rainbow notebook, created by the lovely Hannah Oxberry? Check out the step-by-step instructions below, and download your free template files, which you can upload and use in your Brother ScanNCut, to recreate this project at home!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Download the featured template and load this to your USB, which you can then insert directly into your Brother ScanNCut Machine.

Step 2:

Select the first template as shown, and cut this from white card. This will form the inside and spine of your notebook.

Step 3:

Next. Select the front and back covers as shown, and cut these from kraft card.

Step 4:

To form your rainbow, select the shapes as shown, and load your mat with card in each corresponding colour of the rainbow.

Step 5:

Scan your mat and adjust the shapes, so they are sitting over the correct colours. Also add some white card to cut the sentiment from.

Step 6:

Now you have all the elements you need to create your bright and beautiful rainbow notebook. To add pages, cut white paper to 180mm x 90mm, fold in half, and bundle together. Staple these folded pages at the fold, to secure.

Step 7:

To form the notebook, stick the front and back covers to the spine using double-sided tape. Within the folds created, insert the pages and stick the folds, both back and front, with double-sided tape.

Step 8:

To finish, layer up your rainbow and stick to the front cover usingĀ double-sided tape. Finally add your sentiment.

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