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Gifting Made Gorgeous: DIY Mother’s Day Bracelet and Gift Card Idea

Gifting Made Gorgeous: DIY Mother’s Day Bracelet and Gift Card Idea

This fantastic project is a Mother’s Day must! Not only will our jewellery-expert, Sarah Millsop, guide you step-by-step through the process of creating this beautiful beaded bracelet, but she has a gorgeous way of presenting your finished gift too! This bracelet is made three times the length of a single strand, so it will wrap around your wrist several times. If you are short of time or beads, you can make a single strap. Just allow for the number of ‘wraps’ in your measurements, and keep checking your work as you bead; it’s easy to get carried away and bead a length that is too long!

Follow Sarah’s instructions below to create your own beautiful Mother’s Day bracelet, and get ready to root through your cardstock stash!

This bracelet will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year – handmade for a truly personal touch! You can make it even more special for the fabulous woman in your life, by adding a themed sentiment and message to a display card. For this particular bracelet, I have used a button for the clasp, and found a gorgeous little saying: ‘Mothers are like buttons, they hold everything together’ to add to the card to tie the whole project together.

These pretty little cards have become a really popular way of gifting your makes. You can pierce holes for earrings, wrap simple and delicate bracelets around them, or make two little slots in the top to display a necklace. If you are into your papercrafting…I am sure you will have lots of goodies in your crafting stash to make the card as beautiful as the jewellery itself! How will you decorate yours?

You Will Need:

Step 1:

I have used two working threads and needles in this make. If you do have a macramé board, you will find it really useful for makes like these. You can suspend your work and pin your cords, giving you a neat tension and easy working space. If you don’t have a macramé board, I would suggest your padded bead board so you can pin your work to the soft sponge side. In keeping with our ‘Mothers are like buttons,’ I have used a button as the clasp for my bracelet. Take just over  1m of your cord, and thread the button into the middle.

Step 2:

Take just over 2m of beading thread and fold it in half. You will need to knot the middle of your thread around your leather, just under the button. I have knotted and wrapped the threads 7 times, knotted again and added a little drop of clear nail varnish to the wrapped section. Allow that to dry, and that will give you a super strong start and holding point for your bracelet.

You will now need to pin to your board and secure the leather cords, to give you a neat and tight edge to work on.

Step 3:

Add a beading needle to each end of your thread. You should have equal lengths of this on the left and right side of your work. Bring your left needle UNDER the left leather cord, add a bead and bring your needle OVER the right hand side. Pull the thread tightly so the bead sits neatly in-between your cords. You can pin the needle in the board to rest, as we will now work with the right needle.

Take your right needle and bring it UNDER the right leather cord, through the same bead (so this will be the opposite direction to your other thread) and OVER the left leather cord. Again pin your needle to the board to secure. Take a moment to pull these threads tightly and you will see the bead is neatly secured on both sides to your leather cords.

You will repeat this process to add each bead.

Step 4:

Take the time to neaten and tighten the threads as you go, making sure the beads sit as close to each other as possible…but not TOO tight, as you may cause them to buckle on top of each other.

Top Tip:

If you have beads that are not sitting neatly, you can place your needle through the bead (needle only, no thread) and slightly tweak the bead’s position to get it straight.

Step 5:

Once you have achieved the length you require, wrap the threads around both leather cords and knot to secure, just like we did at the start. A drop of varnish will secure them nicely here too.  Tie a knot in the leather as close to the beads and cord as you can.

Step 6:

You need a loop in your leather that will fit the width of your clasp button. Test the leather over the button before you tie your second knot tightly. This will allow you to adjust if needs be. Once you are happy, pull the knot nice and tight to secure, and trim away any access. I would recommend leaving 1cm or so of cord after your knot. This will stop it coming undone over time.

Step 7:

Take your chosen piece of decorative card, and trim to approximately 2.5 inches wide. If you are into your papercrafting, I am sure you will have lots of goodies in your crafting stash to make the card as beautiful as the jewellery itself! Add sticky-back pearls, stamped sentiments and more. Once complete, simply wrap your bracelet around it, and your Mother’s Day gift is complete!

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