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Enjoy Tasty Winter Warmers Thanks To Our Bowl Cozy Tutorial!

Enjoy Tasty Winter Warmers Thanks To Our Bowl Cozy Tutorial!

Project title

Now you’ve bid the barbecue a fond farewell for another year, it’s time to look forward to warming soups and hearty casseroles… and what better way to keep lunch warm whilst you enjoy it, than a handmade bowl cozy? Doubly useful, you needn’t reserve this project solely for autumn and winter either… because once complete, it’s a great way to protect your hands from a cold bowl of ice cream, too! Check out the talented Anna Jay’s step-by-step bowl cozy tutorial below, and learn how to make your own.

You Will Need:

Bowl cozy tutorial step

Note: Make sure you use only 100% cotton fabric, batting and thread with no metallic thread or glitter, if you’re planning on putting it in a microwave.

3/8” seam allowance is included.

Step 1:

Bowl cozy tutorial step

Put your fabric pieces right sides up. With a ruler, draw lines across the fabric squares diagonally from each corner. Take the batting square and put it underneath the fabric and pin them together. Stitch along the drawn diagonal lines. Repeat with the second set of fabric and batting.

Bowl cozy tutorial step

If your fabric has a very busy print, you might find it easier to draw lines and stitch on the batting side.

Step 2:

Bowl cozy tutorial step

Using a ruler, find a central point on each of the sides of your piece. Mark them and connect the lines.

Step 3:

Bowl cozy tutorial step

Measure 1 inch away from the vertical line on both sides at the bottom end of the line you’ve just drawn. Make a mark. Measure up 2 ½ inches up and make a mark. Using a ruler, draw a line from the 1” marks to the 2 ½ inch mark. You should get a dart. Repeat with 3 remaining ends of the horizontal and vertical lines. You will get 4 darts. Do the same with the second fabric and batting piece.

Step 4:

Bowl cozy tutorial step

Fold your piece along the horizontal line, making sure that the dart lines match and pin them in place. Stitch both of the darts. Tie the ends of the thread in the peak of the darts. Repeat on the second piece of fabric and batting.

Step 5:

Bowl cozy tutorial step

Fold the batting along the vertical line and pin another 2 darts. Finish them in the same manner as the first 2 darts. Repeat the steps with the remaining piece of batting and fabric.

Step 6:

Bowl cozy tutorial step

To make it easier to sew both pieces together, trim all of the darts and press them open.

Step 7:

Bowl cozy tutorial step

Now is the time to decide what shape you would like your bowl cosy to be. If you like the triangle edges, leave it as it is. For a round shape, you’ll need to smooth up the edges. You can do it with any fitting lid or another round-shaped object. Simply put it on your piece as shown, draw a line around the lid, and cut off the corner. Repeat with remaining corners on both pieces.

Step 8:

Bowl cozy tutorial step

Put the two pieces right sides together. Pin it and machine sew all around the edges, leaving about a 4-inch opening in the middle of a side so you can turn it inside out. Backstitch at the beginning and end. Trim the seam allowances, especially the batting ones (try to cut it very close to the seam line).

Step 9:

Bowl cozy tutorial step

Turn the cozy inside out. Press the edge and tuck the seam allowances at the opening in. Topstitch all around the edges, making sure this stitch line secures the remaining opening.

Completed project in use

Once your bowl cozy is complete, it’s time to put it to the test – minestrone, anyone?

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