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Botanical Week: Baking Turned Botany

Botanical Week: Baking Turned Botany

Botanical baking – a combination you’d not expect to find together. Plant-based recipes are not unheard of, but often shied away from in the kitchen. It seems somewhat strange to incorporate flowers you find growing in gardens and parks into your baking – but they’re really no different to adding fruit and veg! Plants have great nutritional value and are a healthy alternative to flavouring with sweets and chocolate. It’s just a matter of figuring out which ones you can use and what you can do with them.

So, in a timely fashion, we’ve stepped in to help. Here are four new recipes inspired by Botanical Week, just waiting for you to try at home. From sugar candied violets and herby focaccia bread, to lemon meringue pie and lavender and lemon loaf cake, check out our diverse selection of botanical bakes.


Lavender and Lemon Loaf Cake


The lemon drizzle cake is a classic British favourite – but what if you want to add a botanical twist? Add a subtle aromatic flavour to your cakes with edible flowers, combined with a zingy lemon infusion and a pretty floral garnish. Find our Lavender and Lemon Loaf Cake recipe here.

Sugar Candied Violets


We Brits love all things botanical – but did you know you can incorporate violets into your baking too? Perfect for adding a botanical twist to any bakes, violets are so simple to preserve using two easy methods, making them completely edible. Find our Sugar Candied Violets recipe here.

Herby Focaccia Bread


Focaccia is a popular oven-baked flatbread deriving from Italy, usually served accompanying a delicious Italian meal. The best thing about this soft, light bread is that it can be finished with a whole host of toppings – including herbs! Find our Red Onion and Rosemary Focaccia recipe here.

Lemon Meringue Pie


Bursting with citrus flavour, the lively lemon meringue pie is the perfect way to enliven your taste buds and sooth your soul. Its three defined layers provide the heavenly textural combination of firm pastry, a smooth filling, and a chewy topping. Find our Lemon Meringue Pie recipe here.

Check back soon for delectable Dessert Week – you won’t want to miss it!