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A Colourful Bookmark Project Perfect for Crafty Bookworms!

A Colourful Bookmark Project Perfect for Crafty Bookworms!

Looking for creative bookmark ideas to make at home? If you’re a crafty bookworm, then this simple but gorgeous papercraft project will be right up your street! Check out crafty contributor Siobhan Ferguson’s gorgeous watercolour bookmark, and discover how quick and easy it is to create something bold and beautiful to stick between the pages of your current read…

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Time to Make: 1 hour

Skill Level: Intermediate

You Will Need:

How to Make Your Own Watercolour Bookmark:

Step 1:

Bookmark tutorial image

Select 3 coordinating watercolour colours then cut a piece of water colour paper to 20cm x 4.5cm and a piece of coordinating coloured card to 5cm x 20.5cm.

Step 2:

Bookmark tutorial image

Cut a small square from sticky notes to make a mask; attach this to the watercolour paper.

Step 3:

Bookmark tutorial image

Dampen the watercolour paper, then randomly dab your first colour onto the paper, blending the colour out slightly.

Step 4:

Bookmark tutorial image

Add the second colour randomly to your watercolour paper, and blend this into the first colour with a little water.

Step 5:

Bookmark tutorial image

Add the third colour in the gaps on your watercolour paper, then blend this in to the colours with a little water. If the colour is a little intense, dab lightly with some kitchen roll.

Step 6:

Bookmark tutorial image

Remove the sticky note mask to reveal a square of unpainted watercolour paper.

Step 7:

Bookmark tutorial image

Pencil out a word, with the last letter in the unpainted masked box. Using a brush pen, write over the pencil marks.

Step 8:

Bookmark tutorial image

Once dry, attach the watercolour paper to the coloured card stock using wet glue. Punch a hole in one corner. Attach a tassel made from bakers twine through the hole… and your colourful watercolour bookmark is complete!

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