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Bookfolding Valentine’s Project

Bookfolding Valentine’s Project


Give your loved one something truly unique this Valentine’s Day with this distinctive, etched effect heart using the incredible book folding technique from Peerless Designs.

You will need:

A book with at least 404 pages
Paper creaser
A5 sheet of card
Red ink pad (optional)


  1. Download your book folding pattern here.
  2. If you wish to have the finished heart coloured you will need to do it at this stage. Squeeze the pages together and use an ink pad to colour the edges. NOTE- you only need to colour the centre part of the book where the image will be.step1
  3. Using the calculator on the pattern work out the start page for your pattern. step2
  4. Using the calculator on the pattern work out the start page for your pattern.
  5. Using your card template push the back edge into the spine and use the front edge as a guide to fold every page from the front of your book to the calculated start page only of your pattern. Use an elastic band to keep all your folded pages out of the way. step4
  6. When you reach your start page turn this page without folding and fold the next page.Continue like this folding every other page. You can continue till the end of the book or just fold 20 or so pages before starting to mark your pattern, it’s up to you.
    NOTE- You may find, when using your template on some of the pages, you may have to stretch open the spine of the book so your template can get right into the spine so all your folds are the same depth.step5
  7. When you finish folding every other page you are ready to start marking your pattern. Turn back to your unfolded start page. Slide in your pattern behind the page with the top of the pattern lined up with the top of the page and No 1 on the pattern on the edge of the page. Mark the start and finish of line 1.
    NOTE- don’t forget to cross off the numbers as you mark so you know you have marked it.step6
  8. Slide the pattern under the next unfolded page and mark no 2 and the line below this time on the same page.
    NOTE- unlike my other patterns any broken lines are always marked on the same page.step7
  9. Carry on marking all the unfolded pages in your book.You can mark as many as you want before you start to cut your pages.step8
  10. Turn back to your unfolded start page. Using the folded page in front as a guide make a straight cut at each of the marks stopping at the folded page on top.step9
  11. Then using the folded page as a guide again fold the tab on your right up and crease.step10
  12. Miss the small tab then repeat folding up the tab on the left and crease. Pull the front page out from behind to separate them and turn both pages up out the way under the elastic band. step11
  13. Pull the front page out from behind to separate them and turn both pages up out the way under the elastic band.step12
  14. Repeat on all the marked pages cutting and folding the tabs always starting with the right tab you will be folding back every other tab.step13
  15. When you reach the end of your pattern fold back any remaining pages using your card template as you did at the beginning. You have now completed your book and you can embellish as desired.step14