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Best Sewing Machine Features – As Voted by YOU!

Best Sewing Machine Features – As Voted by YOU!

We asked you on Facebook: “What features do you look for in a SEWING MACHINE?” to celebrate our amazing web-exclusive offer on the spectacular Simplicity Satin 197 Sewing Machine. Not only are you able to pick up an exceptional stitcher at half the price (an incredible £274.22 discount!), but we’ve also got the results from your Facebook vote!

Facebook Says That the Best Sewing Machine Features Are…

1. It sews. Rightly said, Christine – you’d sincerely hope so!

2. From the bare minimum to a stitcher who knows what she wants. You’ll be happy to know that the Simplicity Satin 197 is on offer for just £274.22 – a handy £25.78 under your price limit. You deserve the best, Roz!

3. A needle threader, a lock stitch, and a needle up/down function. Seems totally reasonable.

4. Vote two for the needle threader, plus an adjustable needle position, a one-step buttonhole, lighting, easy-change feet and needles, and a machine that’s simple to take apart to clean. We love a crafter that takes the time to look after their precious supplies.

5. A knee lift. This one’s for the quilters – and we’re seriously impressed with Ellie’s speed!

6. A great range of stitches and sturdy enough to handle Tara’s love of thick materials. We’re with you, Tara!

7. Vote two for a great range of stitches, plus a machine that’s easy to set up. You have our seal of approval – Simplicity is key.

8. Robust, sturdy and built to last. Our sewing machines remain in our hearts for life; here’s to Old Jones!

9. Ease of use, versatile, lightweight, and affordable. Plus a little heart. Have a heart back from us, Belinda. 

Keep commenting on our Facebook page to let us know what features YOU look for in a sewing machine – we love to hear your thoughts! You never know; you might get featured in our next blog post! Wouldn’t that be lovely? – Create & Craft x

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