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Brilliant Basket Weaving For Kids

Brilliant Basket Weaving For Kids

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Basket weaving is a simple yet fun activity to keep the kids busy and get them indulging their creativity, whilst helping them to practise those all-important dexterity skills. Not only can they spend an afternoon creating something bright and beautiful, but they can then put it to good use afterwards to store craft supplies, toys or trinkets!

You Will Need:

Basket Weaving Tutorial For Kids

Step 1:

Kids basket weaving tutorial step

If you’re using a plastic bottle, start by cutting it in half – you’ll be using the bottom half. Take your item, whether it’s a bottle, cup or container like this and, with a marker pen, split it into sections that are the same size. Make sure you have an odd number; this container has been split into 13 sections.

Step 2:

Kids basket weaving tutorial step

Using scissors, make cuts along these lines. Then take your first yarn and tie it in a knot around one of your strips. You can then begin weaving. Take it behind the first strip and over the top of the next strip, then keep going in the same way swapping between under and over.

Step 3:

Kids basket weaving tutorial step

To change colour, tie your second yarn on, cut off the first colour and, again, keep weaving under and over the strips.

Step 4:

Kids basket weaving tutorial step

When you get to the top and there’s no more room for weaving, cut off your yarn and tie it to one of your yarn loops inside. Your basket weaving project is now ready to put to good use!

Completed project

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