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Amigurumi Crochet: Are You Hooked Yet?

Amigurumi Crochet: Are You Hooked Yet?

If you’re a crochet fan and you haven’t yet turned your hook to the adorable craze that is amigurumi, then we’re here to show you exactly why amigurumi crochet is a craze you mustn’t ignore! At Create and Craft, we’re fully prepared to take you on an exciting amigurumi crochet adventure! We’ve a vast selection of crochet kits which include all the high quality yarn you’ll need to reproduce the included amigurumi pattern, as well as incredible crochet pattern books filled with stunning photography and step-by-step amigurumi patterns for you to follow at home. Want to create your very own amigurumi crochet critter to sit atop your craft table and keep you company whilst you work? Say no more…

Whether you’re familiar with these captivating and cuddly little creatures or not, you’re bound to let out a little ‘aww!’ once you feast your eyes on our favourite crochet animals here! But what exactly is ‘amigurumi’?

What Is Amigurumi Crochet?

Crochet animals derive from traditional Japanese Amigurumi techniques. The art simply translates as crocheted (‘ami’) stuffed dolls (‘nuigurumi’). When it comes to the size, shape and appearance of these cuddly creatures, there are no restrictions –  offering true creative freedom to stitch crafters! But if you’ve never created a little crocheted buddy before, you’re probably wondering where on earth to start… which is why the fabulous Kerry Lord has got you well and truly covered, with her incredible Edward’s Menagerie books, packed with patterns and instructions for you to sink your hooks into! Although TOFT’s designs stray from traditional Kawaii styling, their super cute crochet animals are impossible to resist, and once you’ve created one, you’ll be desperate to get started on the next!

Check out our Top Ten crochet cutie kits below, and treat yourself to your favourite!

1. Rosie The  Daschshund

Meet Rosie, TOFT’s adorable little daschshund just desperate to curl up on your lap for a cuddle! You can create your very own Rosie for yourself or the dog-lover in your life, with this fantastic kit, which provides you with all the yarn you’ll need plus a handy postcard pattern to follow.

2. Harold The Teeswater Sheep

A longwool breed of sheep originating in Teesdale, England, our Harold is a hardy character, but would still rather make a home for himself on your windowsill than spend this winter grazing outside! Once completed, Harold measures approximately 18cm from head to toe – the perfect size for cuddling, without taking up too much space!

3. TOFT Ami the Japanese Crane Kit

The Japanese Crane is one of the most renowned origami designs out there – but why restrict yourself to paper, why you can put yarn to hook, and create this gorgeous guy in a soft and cuddly format?

4. Themba the Hyacynth Blue Macaw

The Hyacinth Macaw is the largest flying species of parrot – but you can rest assured this one won’t flutter off into the sunset if you leave the window open! This fantastic kit contains all the wool in the perfect colour-set to create this beautiful bird – where will you perch him once complete?

5. Alexandre the Cat

Alexandre is one of TOFT’s most popular kits – but why? The simple answer is this: cats. We are a nation of cat lovers! And if you count yourself amongst those of us who are cat-crazy, then why not crochet yourself an adorable feline friend? No litter box necessary!

6. Bridget The Elephant

Elephants are the largest species of land animal in the world. But at 18cm once completed, our Bridget is the perfect size to sit pride of place in your home… and she’s the tamest wild animal you’ll ever meet! Elephants are renowned for developing close and strong bonds with their families… making Bridget the perfect addition to yours.

7. TOFT Melvin the Orust Rooster Kit

This is a show-stopping rooster with a difference… Melvin may be attention-grabbing in appearance, but unlike any rooster you’ve ever known, he won’t wake you up at 5am! So there’s no need to worry about complaints from the neighbours once you’ve brought this cute character to life.

8. Lucy the Hare

This long-eared cutie is nothing like the rest of her species – forget racing around, Lucy just wants to sit on your craft table and watch you work! Do you have a space in your home (and your heart!) for this cuddly crochet hare?

9. TOFT Ernest the Canary


Brighten up your home, your craft room and your crochet portfolio, with this sunny little songbird! There’s no need to keep Ernest the Canary in a cage, he’s not going anywhere once you complete him (unless, of course, he’s a due to be a super-snuggly gift!)

10. Lou The Merino

We’ve all heard of merino wool… well meet our little Merino sheep, Lou! Regarded as having the finest and softest wool of any breed, the Merino is a highly prized sheep. We’re sure you’ll feel just the same about Lou! This lovely kit includes all the yarn and instructions you’ll need to create this super cuddly buddy!


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