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Awesome Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Awesome Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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Weddings: you spend months (or years!) planning the perfect event, spend a small fortune on nailing all the tiny details... and then when the big day finally arrives, it's a whirlwind of excitement and, before you know it: it was yesterday! Weddings can be such a flurry of vows, photos, cars, food and ceremonial cake cutting, that you don't get much opportunity to have a good chat with each and every guest - which is why we think guest books are a wedding day essential. And if you think books are so last year, then you'll love our compilation of awesome alternative wedding guest book ideas! Check out these clever ways that all your favourite people can leave you a little message to look back on once all the madness is over, and let us know your favourite...

'Build A Memory' Building Blocks Guest Book:Alternative wedding guest book ideas: tower of blocks

Introducing fun and memory-making combined into one awesome guestbook alternative - the building block guestbook! First, your guests can each personalise a block with their own special message, then they can add it to the tower once they're done! By the end of the evening, you'll have a gorgeous tower filled with notes from your loved ones... and it's only a matter of time before a game of Jenga is initiated!

Wishing Jar Guest Book:

Alternative wedding guest book ideas: wishing jar

This wishing jar is as beautiful as it is romantic... ask each of your guests to make a special wish for your future, write it onto one of the included wooden hearts, and post it into the jar once complete. The jar will keep the heartfelt messages safe for years to come!

Wooden Wishing Tree:

Alternative wedding guest book ideas: wishing tree

The beautiful wooden wishing tree is a stunning guest book alternative, as not only does it provide the perfect place for friends and family to add their messages, wishes and memories, but it's also a stunning decoration too!

Drop Top Wooden Frame Alternative Guest Book:

Wooden wishing frame

Here's another awesome use for those adorable wooden hearts - why not put each and every one on display! Ask your guests to slot their messages into the frame, then hang it in the hallway of your home so that every time you walk past it, you get to read a happy note from someone you love!

Rustic String Frame Guest Book Alternative:

Alternative wedding guest book ideas: string frame with pegs

Here's another beautiful way to turn your guests' messages into a stunning piece of home decor. This pretty frame is strung with rustic hessian twine to enable you to hang the messages and tags that are written for you on your big day. Why not get creative and add your own photos from the day in between the messages, to create a truly gorgeous keepsake?

Date Night Suggestion Jar:

Date night ideas jar

Once you've got all your friends and family under one roof for the day, why not press them for some useful tips for the future? We just love this date suggestion jar, as it encourages your guests to get creative with their answers... plus, whenever you run out of your own date night ideas, you can dive into it for inspiration!

Guest Book Photo Frame:

Alternative wedding guest book ideas: signing frame

This is the perfect way to personalise a photo from the big day - add a snap of the two of you that can be displayed on your wedding day for your guests to add their messages to, then, after the wedding, replace the image with your favourite wedding shot, and hang the frame in your home!

Boho Wooden Guest Book:

Boho wooden wedding guest book

Still hankering for something that you can store on a bookcase? How about this beautiful vintage wooden guest book? A traditional piece with a boho twist, this gorgeous guest book has 32 blank pages for your guests to fill with love, laughter and memories!

If you loved exploring this gorgeous selection of alternative wedding guest book ideas, then we recommend you dive into the rest of our wedding-themed articles, projects and tutorials right here... we're full of good ideas, you know!

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