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Advent Calendar DIY Project… for Pets!

Advent Calendar DIY Project… for Pets!

Not that we need an excuse to spend the day crafting… but we think Christmas is a fantastic one! The house needs decorating, the cards need sending… and our loved ones need spoiling! And since we know so many of our crafters have a four-legged craft room companion, we’ve taken a traditional Christmas craft project and put a perfect-for-pet-lovers spin on it, this year. That’s right – this gorgeous Advent Calendar DIY Project, created by the lovely Bernadette Wainwright, has been created with pets in mind, because we love the idea of including our cats and dogs (and other pets!) in the festive fun that runs up to Christmas. Of course, you could just as easily create this beautiful advent calendar for the children, grandchildren, and overgrown children you know… just adjust the treats you pop inside, accordingly! Check out Bernadette’s tutorial below, and create your very own advent calendar using felt, and a few festive embellishments.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and, as crafters, we always try to make something special for our family and friends! This year, why not try your hand at this adorable Advent calendar DIY project, and make something special for your furry friends too?

Time it Takes to Make: 4+ Hours

Skill Level: Beginner

You Will Need:

Step-by-Step Advent Calendar DIY Project:

Before you start your project, gather all your supplies and have a quick read through the instructions, just to familiarise yourself with the terminology.

Step 1:

To make the tree template, cut 19” x the full width (approx. 38”) of the felt. Fold in half. Using the tailors chalk, and following the pictures below (I drew the design on paper so it is easier for you to see) draw a straight line at the folded edge. Mark up 1” from the bottom, then 7 further marks at 3” intervals. At the mark, draw 7 lines, decreasing by 1” in length at each line, starting at the bottom line which is 9” in length. Mark 1 ½” in from the end of the line. Stopping 1” below, draw a curve from the end of the bottom line to the 1 ½” mark at the line above. Repeat at the lines above.

Advent Calendar DIY Tutorial Step

Step 2:

Now join the ends of this line to the lines above.

Advent Calendar DIY Tutorial Step

Curve the base of the tree. Cut out the tree.

Advent Calendar DIY Tutorial Step

Step 3:

Using this tree as a template, cut another piece of felt and one piece of In-R-Form, making this slightly smaller, as this is not to be seen when finished.

Step 4:

From the remaining felt, cut “pockets” of various sizes; my smallest is 2”x 2”, and largest is 3”x 3”.

Step 5:

Position these on the front tree panel, then place either bought or handmade decorations on the pockets, and one of each of the numbers. Take a photo – this will be your reference point!

Advent Calendar DIY Tutorial Step

Step 6:

If using printed fabric decorations, sew these to the front of the pockets only. I attached using free machine embroidery and the metallic thread; machine embroidery thread will work just as well. If using buttons with a shank, sew these on now or, for best results, remove the shank if possible and glue on at a later stage.

Step 7:

Remove all of the loose decorations and pin the pockets in place.

Advent Calendar DIY Tutorial Step

Step 8:

Using either the metallic or the embroidery thread, making sure the pockets are all straight, stitch round 3 sides of each of the pockets, leaving the top open. Remember to back tack at the beginning and end for added strength.

Advent Calendar DIY Tutorial Step

Step 9:

Position the In-R-Form between the front and back pieces of the tree, and iron in place as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 10:

Using the specialist thread, sew all the way round the tree, sealing in the In-R-Form.

Advent Calendar DIY Tutorial Step

Step 11:

Fold the ribbon in half, then fold the ends in on themselves, and sew securely to the top of the tree.

Advent Calendar DIY Tutorial Step

Step 12:

Referring to your picture and using the glue or hot glue gun, attach all the remaining decorations to the pockets on the tree.

Advent Calendar DIY Tutorial Step

Advent Calendar DIY Tutorial Step

Congratulations! Your pet’s Advent calendar is almost finished… now you just need to pop some yummy little treats in the pockets, and hang it – out of their reach!

Advent Calendar DIY Completed Project

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