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9 Reasons to Love Hunkydory

9 Reasons to Love Hunkydory

If your crafting bubble includes papercraft giant Hunkydory, you’ll be well aware that this week is their 9th anniversary. As such, we’ve thrust ourselves into the party spirit to show you why this popular brand deserves to be celebrated. (We even made a cake for the occasion!)

Hunkydory is an invaluable crafting brand, loved by crafters. Honestly, it isn’t difficult to understand why they’re held in such high esteem. But because it’s their 9th anniversary, we thought we’d lay our cards out on the table. Here are 9 reasons to love Hunkydory Crafts.

9. Adorable Scorable

Hunkydory is renowned for Adorable Scorable and rightly proud of its success. This coated board was years in the making; after rigorous trials and testing, they finally brought their dreams to reality. So what’s all the fuss about? Adorable Scorable is a heavyweight 350gsm cardstock that won’t crack when scored and is sealed to guarantee no colour transference.

8. Little Books

Another popular product from Hunkydory is the ‘Little Book‘. Filled with exclusive artwork, the books include 144 150gsm pages in a range of designs, coordinated in both style and colour theme. From cute cartoon-style diagrams to elegant illustrations and sketch designs, there are so many different themes to choose from. You’ll absolutely be spoilt for choice!

7. Mirri Card

Hunkydory’s Mirri Card exists to help you create stunning reflective, metallic, and holographic effects on your craft projects. When they say that you’ll be making eye-catching pieces, that really is an understatement. This Mirri Card is the best quality reflective board on the market with an eye-catching, sensational shine that really transforms papercraft projects.

6. Moonstone Dies

The Moonstone die-cutting range is a fairly new venture for Hunkydory. Designed specifically to work seamlessly with Mirri Card, Little Books and Adorable Scorable, each Moonstone Die Set contains a great selection of coordinating dies that can be built up to create a scene. The dies cut through cardstock beautifully to produce detailed and intricate die-cut designs.

5. Crafting Essentials

Every crafter needs their crafting essentials. Luckily, Hunkydory offer most things you need! Firstly, there are the card blanks and envelopes — must-haves for cardmakers. Then there’s the Adorable Scoreboard — the perfect accompaniment to Adorable Scorable. You can also expect to find Diamond Sparkles Glitter, Essential Sentiments, and so much more.

4. For the Love of Stamps

Hunkydory’s ‘For the Love of Stamps’ range has been designed to suit all manner of craft projects, allowing you to get extra creative with their style. These clear polymer stamps are available in a wide variety of themes. From Christmas jumpers, retro mixtapes and makeup, to football, afternoon tea and monsters, each promises a high-quality finish on your work.

3. Craft Stacks

The ‘Craft Stacks’ range has to be some of Hunkydory’s best work. One of their latest innovations, Craft Stacks provide you with a full papercraft kit in one 8″ x 8″ pad. Each pad contains a fantastic selection of on-trend and contemporary artwork printed on anything from die-cut toppers sheets and acetate, to inserts and accent foiled background papers.

2. Hunkydory at Home

Hunkydory were keen to give crafters a way to enjoy their stunning crafting kits again and again, and these fantastic Hunkydory at Home USB Keys provide you with the means to do so. Browse through a great selection of Hunkydory collections and print out your chosen toppers, sentiments, inserts and papers for infinite design possibilities in your crafting.

1. Ultimate Bundles

Anyone who knows Hunkydory will know of their colossal Ultimate Bundles. They are legendary. But if you’re unaware, I’ll fill you in. When Hunkydory brings out a new craft range, usually they’ll put one of each item into an Ultimate Bundle. This bundle often contains their luxury topper collection, card inserts and a Little Book, which adds up to about 80 elements!

BONUS: Crafting with Hunkydory

For this extra-special occasion, Hunkydory has brought out an anniversary special edition of their ‘Crafting with Hunkydory’ magazine. This magazine is packed full of crafting hints and tips and includes inspiration for more than 80 different projects. To make it even better, it also comes with two stunning Deluxe Card Collections. Hunkydory fans cannot miss this!

Hunkydory’s 9th Anniversary Celebration Drip Cake

Our Set Designer, Charlotte Hurrell, was asked to make a special cake to celebrate Hunkydory‘s 9th anniversary. With that in mind, she knew she had to make something extra special. Drip cakes are one of the most popular baking trends of 2017, so Charlotte decided to do the brand’s trend-setting justice with an equally trendy cake, dressed to the nines.

If you love this cake as much as we do, here are instructions to make it at home.

Preparing the Cake:

  1. Use your favourite sponge recipe to bake 3 or 4 layers of cake in 25cm tins.
  2. Allow to cool and level off the tops if necessary.
  3. Make enough buttercream to coat the outside of the cake twice and the top once. Two 16″ piping bags will be enough. Using food colouring to colour the buttercream.
  4. Starting with a cake board, begin layering up your sponges. Pipe a ring around the top of the first sponge towards the outer edge, creating a wall to keep the jam in. Fill with jam before placing the next layer on top. Repeat until you reach your top layer.
  5. Cover the top layer with buttercream only, and then cover the sides with a light crumb coat. Using a side scraper or palette knife, scrape off the excess so the buttercream is just a thin coat. This layer is intended to keep the cake crumbs contained so you will still be able to see some of the cake underneath. (You’re supposed to!)
  6. Allow the cake to chill for at least an hour.
  7. Using a piping bag and a turntable if possible, pipe rows of buttercream around the cake. Then, using your cleaned side scraper or palette knife, scrape the sides again, making this coat as neat as you can. The top will not need a second coat.
  8. Leave to chill again for at least an hour.

Creating the Drips:

  1. While the cake is chilling, make your ganache. Heat 150ml of double cream until hot but not boiling. Add 200g of chopped white chocolate and stir until all of the chocolate has melted and the ganache is smooth. Add food colouring of your choice. A gel colour works best for this. Alternatively, you could use Wilton Candy Melts for this.
  2. Once the cake is chilled, the ganache drips can be added. The ganache should be cooled slightly so it’s a thicker consistency. It should be thin enough that it runs down the side of the cake but not so thin that it runs all the way to the bottom and pools. Test against a held up plate until you’re happy with it. If it’s too thick, reheat gently to soften.
  3. Work your way around the cake, pouring a little ganache from a spoon to make drips.
  4. Once all side drips are done, fill in the top of the cake with the leftover ganache.
  5. Be creative and decorate with sprinkles, chocolates, piping, or chocolate shards.

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  • Happy Birthday to you all, may there be many more and thanks for the wonderful products that I have purchased and get so much enjoyment from xxx

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