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7 Quick and Easy Ways to Pipe Flowers

7 Quick and Easy Ways to Pipe Flowers

What fun! It’s so satisfying to pipe with buttercream and create stunning flowers on cupcakes. You have the artistic licence on this, so use any colours you like! Why stick to real flowers? Have a little play to create some fantasy flowers! Here are 7 of my quick and easy flowers.

This article was designed and written by our cake ambassador, Cassie Brown.

The best buy in my eyes is Wilton’s 59-Piece Master Decorating Tip Set as it comes with nails and couplers; all you need is the buttercream and the piping bags! I also found Wilton’s Ready-to-Use Decorator Icing to be a huge help as it’s the perfect consistency for flowers.

Tools & Materials I Used:

How to Colour Your Buttercream

Spoon some buttercream into 5 bowls and choose 5 Icing Colours. Dip a cocktail stick into the first colour and then put it in one of the bowls of buttercream. Mix the colour using a palette knife. Repeat with all colours until you have 5 bowls of wonderfully coloured buttercream. If you want your colours to be darker, just mix more of Wilton’s Icing Colour in.

1. How to Pipe a Buttercream Sunflower or Poinsettia

Cut the end of the disposable piping bag about 1/2″ up and push the coupler into the bag. If you haven’t cut enough from the bag, just trim a little so that the coupler fits snug. Put piping tip #66 in and screw the ring onto the coupler. #66 is what I call the leaf tip.

Put the green buttercream into the bag and push the buttercream until it starts to come out of the tip. Then we’re ready to begin. Hold the bag in the palm of your hand with the tip-end closest your little finger. Make sure the top of the bag is twisted around and then placed under your thumb. Just touch the top of the cake with the tip and squeeze the bag gently to make the buttercream come out. Release the pressure as you pull away from the cake.

This will give you a lovely little leaf shape. I used this as a little bed for the main flower, so I made about 7 of these leaves of slightly different sizes around the edge of the cupcake.

Put piping tip #102 onto the coupler in a separate bag and put pink or yellow buttercream into the bag. Push the buttercream down to the nozzle and hold the bag in the same way as before, but make sure the point of the nozzle is at the bottom of the petal before piping.

Squeeze to start making the petal, about 1cm from the centre of the cupcake, until it’s about 1.5cm long. Repeat this several times. I piped 14 times around the edge but please do not be fussy about this. Then, make the second row and so on. I made 4 rows, making the petals a little smaller as I work my way into the centre of the flower. The petals are also standing a little more upright as you get to the centre of the flower. Then use piping tip #1 in a new bag with yellow or brown buttercream and pipe several dots in the centre of the flower to finish.

This flower would make a fab poinsettia for Christmas or a lovely sunflower for summer!

2. How to Pipe a Buttercream Chrysanthemum & Daisy

Here, we’ll use the nail (which is in the piping tip set) and a waxed paper flower square. Stick the square to the nail using a little buttercream. Then, it’s time to use piping tip #104 which is for creating petals. Add white buttercream to a decorating bag and hold the bag so the wider end of the nozzle is facing the inner part of the petal that you’re going to create.

Squeeze the bag and move the thinner part of the tip out from the centre of the nail to the edge of the nail and back down onto itself to create the first petal. Repeat to make several petals but remember to move the nail around as you go to make the petals even. The petals should also overlap a little. Then, pipe little yellow dots in the centre to finish off. Leave to dry.

I wanted to have a go at a chrysanthemum, so I decided that piping tip #81 would be best. Prep your cupcake with lots of leaves around the edge of the cake and then hold the piping tip so it’s like a smiley face. Start about 1cm from the centre of the cake. Squeeze the bag and pull it away from the cake at the same time. The makes a long, thin cup-like petal.

Repeat all around the cake and then move the bag in and do a second and third layer. At this point, I actually smudged the cake as I was working, so a quarter of the flower was totally squashed. But don’t lose heart as I then placed a daisy onto the smudged part of the flower. It now looks fab! Remove the daisy that you made earlier from the square using buttercream scissors and place onto the pink flower. Accidents always happen but never give up!

3. How to Pipe Buttercream Pink Blossoms

To make the little pink blossoms, I changed the piping tip on the pink bag to a #104 petal tip, then used the same technique for making the daisy. Start by making the first blossom in the centre of the cupcake then make a further 5 flowers randomly around the centre flower.

Using the leaf piping tip with green buttercream, pipe small leaves just under the blossoms and in-between. Pipe little yellow dots in the centre of all the flowers to finish. Perfect!

4. How to Pipe a Buttercream Dandelion

The dandelion also looks like a chrysanthemum but I used piping tip #2 and yellow buttercream. I also made a small amount of orange buttercream and put it in a decorating bag and cut a small hole in the end. This should be the same size as the piping tip #1.

Pipe the leaves first randomly around the side of the cupcake then, taking the yellow buttercream with piping tip #1, pipe a circle to one side of the cupcake. Start to pipe on the line that you’ve just piped and then pull the bag away from the circle to make your first petal.

Finish piping these all around the circle. Fill in the centre of the circle and build it up a little with the yellow icing. Start to pipe the next layer in-between the last layer of petals. I piped about 3 layers then changed to the orange buttercream. Finish off the piping until the petals are covering the yellow centre of the buttercream. Make the second flower overlap the last.

5. How to Pipe Craspedia Billy Balls

I wanted to play a little and experiment with colours so, again, I used the leaf piping tip to pipe around the edge of the cupcake as a frame. Then, I piped 3 balls of violet onto the cake. Pipe lots of little dots all over the violet balls, starting at the bottom and working up.

I created two cupcakes. One I coloured yellow and the other is piped orange over the violet. I think they both look good and I love seeing a little violet come through. It’s all about playing!

6. How to Pipe Buttercream Pansies

To create the pansy flowers, pipe your leaves first. I used piping tip #101 with yellow buttercream and piping tip #102 with violet buttercream. Pipe two little petals next to each other like two little ears. Then, using yellow buttercream, pipe over the top of the last two petals. You’ll need to move the petals down as you pipe so you can see the violet petals.

Pipe one larger petal to join the two yellow petals together. As you pipe, move the bag up and down a little to make the petal look frilly. Pipe six little lines of brown buttercream to look like cat whiskers and then pipe two little dots of yellow to finish. Repeat this twice more.

7. How to Pipe Buttercream Roses

You can create a buttercream rose in almost any colour. I used pink and yellow for my first cupcake and violet for my second. You can use several different piping tips depending on the size you require, such as #101, #102, and #103. I used piping tip #101.

You will need to use the nail for this. I like to put a Wilton waxed paper flower square onto the nail first. Pipe a cone of buttercream in the centre of the nail. Make sure the smallest part of the tip is facing up to create the top part of the petal and pipe a small petal to wrap around the top of the cone shape. Then, make petals around the centre petal.

I like to lift the decorating bag a little into the centre of the petal to make a more realistic petal. As you do this, you must remember to turn the nail a little with each petal as the flower will flow better. Leave your rose to dry a little on the waxed paper square before moving it onto the cupcake as sometimes they can look squashed if you’re a little heavy-handed!

I’ve had great fun creating these cupcakes and I’m so pleased with my piping tip set from Wilton. I have so many options with all the tips, the possibilities are endless. Happy piping!

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