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Last-Minute Stocking Filler: 30 Minute Pencil Roll

Last-Minute Stocking Filler: 30 Minute Pencil Roll

This quick and easy pencil roll is a perfect stocking filler for the kids, and is so simple to sew! You could even fill it with double-pointed knitting needles as a special gift for a sock knitter! — Charlotte Newland

Materials You’ll Need:

Seam allowance is 0.5″ throughout.

Step 1:

First, fold one of your pieces of fabric in half widthways, to make a piece 4.5″ by 13″. Pin this on top of another fabric piece with the folded edge at the top and baste it in place. Mark lines for the pencil slots: start 1.5″ from one short edge, then mark another ten lines that are 1″ apart. The final line should be 1.5″ from the other short edge. Stitch along each of these lines to make the slots for the pencils. This is your completed inner piece.

Step 2:

Take your piece of ribbon and fold it in half, then baste this fold to one short edge of the completed inner piece.

Step 3:

Lay your final piece of fabric on top of the completed inner piece right sides together, making sure to tuck the ribbon out of the way inside. Sew them together leaving a 2″ – 3″ gap for turning.

Step 4:

Turn the completed pencil roll inside out through the gap and give the corners a good poke with a knitting needle or chopstick to make them nice and square. Press well, then slip stitch the opening closed by hand. Fill with coloured pencils and use the ribbon to tie the roll closed.

It’s super cute, and quick too!

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