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15 Crochet Animals To Add Cuteness To Any Home

15 Crochet Animals To Add Cuteness To Any Home

Crochet animals have become a popular craze these past few years, heightened further by TOFT‘s exciting releases. What makes them so popular? They are overwhelmingly adorable – a factor that few crafters can resist. If we see a baby or a little puppy, we can’t help but let out a little ‘aww!’. The same goes for crochet animals. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these cuties!

A little-known fact is that crochet animals derive from traditional Japanese Amigurumi techniques. The art simply translates as crocheted (‘ami’) stuffed dolls (‘nuigurumi’). There aren’t any restrictions on the size or appearance of these creatures, offering true creative freedom to stitch crafters. Although TOFT‘s designs stray from traditional Kawaii styling, their super cute crochet animals are aesthetically popular. Which would you display in your home?

1. Crochet Unicorn

A unicorn may not necessarily fall under the ‘crochet animals’ category, but we can make an exception for mythical crochet creatures. Unicorns are a huge trend on social media right now – and we can see why. It’s almost magical how adorable this legendary creature is.

2. Supersize Elephant

What’s better than a regular-sized elephant? A supersize elephant! This beloved African animal uses Chunky Ulysses yarn and larger stitches to create its plump structure. Ideal for those new to crochet, this beginner’s project sits at 42cm once finished – perfectly huggable!

3. Hippo in a Tutu

We’ve all heard about dressing tiny dogs up in clothes. It’s fashion — it’s ridiculously cute. But if you don’t have a dog to dress up (or don’t agree with the pastime) then why not dress up a crochet hippo? A hippo in a tutu; two things that you’ll never see together in the wild!

4. Alexandre the Cat

Alexandre is one of TOFT’s most popular kits – but why? The simple answer is this: cats. We are a nation of cat lovers. Offices, restaurants and bars are filled to the brim with crazy cat ladies and gents alike. If you can’t get enough of feline friends, why not crochet yourself a cat?

5. Crochet Cocker Spaniel

We’ve all got little obsessions. Some people are obsessed about a certain make of car, while others are obsessed about a specific breed of dog. If Cocker Spaniels are the love of your life, let’s introduce you to Saxon – a luxuriously soft DIY crochet dog made from Aran wool.

6. Fiona the Panda

Fiona the crochet panda is just darling. Made up of black and cream DK pure wool yarn, Fiona measures 18cm from head to toe – a lovely size to be a part of the family, but not take up too much space. Why not welcome this warm and cosy Chinese giant into your home?

7. Prince the White Tiger

White tigers have always been a bit of a mystery to us. Interestingly enough, they aren’t their own species of tiger, but a rare form of Bengal tiger with one different gene. If you’d like to create your own extraordinary white tiger, this kit has all the DK yarn you need.

8. Rosie the Daschund

The Daschund, or sausage dog, is a firm favourite amongst dog lovers. They’ve got a long body and short, stumpy legs – a combination that makes us squeal in delight! TOFT’s Rosie the Daschund is just as adorable as the real thing, boasting a podgy tummy and tiny paws.

9. Donna the Reindeer

Now is a good time to get crafting for Christmas – and Donna the Reindeer is the perfect addition to your festive decor. Prepare yourself for a season of super soft snuggles; this cute crochet winter animal is made up of 100% wool DK yarn in a lovely stone shade.

10. Duckling and Chick

What tiny creatures are we most excited to see at the farm? It’s always the babies. We can’t cope with the cuteness of tiny, fluffy little baby animals! This duckling and chick kit not only enables you to make one duckling and one chick – but you can make six babies in total!

11. Lou the Merino Sheep

Who can’t go baa-nanas for fluffy sheep? The merino sheep is prized for its thick coat of wool; a material that’s been used in clothing for thousands of years. If you want to celebrate the merino sheep, Lou is the perfect token of affection – made up of top quality cream DK yarn.

12. Harold the Teeswater Sheep

Harold may be the same animal as Lou, but his breed has significant differences. Teeswater sheep are bred right here in England and boast long, fine woolly coats with a high lustre. Harold the Teeswater Sheep does his breed justice, featuring adorable free-hanging locks.

13. Mini Chameleon and Frog

Lizards and Amphibians aren’t usually categorised as cute – but TOFT’s mini chameleon and frog change everything. These once creepy critters have been transformed into soft and squishy 8cm crochet rainforest creatures, Bill and Lee, welcome in any home.

14. Logan the Moose

Just look at Logan the Moose‘s little face! Although you probably wouldn’t want to come across a broad-antlered moose in the wild, this crochet moose is cuddlesome and so lovable. Make Logan up using this warm fudge 100% pure wool DK yarn and a 3mm crochet hook.

15. Geoff the Westie

West Highland White Terriers, or Westies, are one of Scotland’s finest dog breeds. With a distinctive double coat and long face fur, Geoff the Westie perfectly encapsulates the breed’s cute aesthetic. I mean, just look at him. We just want to squish his little face right now!

Which TOFT crochet animal do you think is the cutest? Whether you’ve crocheted one of these kits or not, let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or on the blog below.

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