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15 Crafty Birthday Party Ideas

15 Crafty Birthday Party Ideas

In celebration of our 15th birthday, we’re sharing 15 crafty ways you can ensure your own bash is a roaring success! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or you’re just planning a garden get-together (who needs an excuse?) we think it’s the perfect reason to get crafting! We’ve oodles of ideas on how to craft your own party decorations, including a party pinata, homemade bunting, pom pom garlands and more, PLUS how to produce the yummiest party food in town. What are you waiting for? It’s time to write the guest list!

1. It’s Not a Party Without Pom Poms!

The humble pom pom – it’s a fantastic decoration that’s so easy to create, and has countless uses! If you think pom poms should be reserved for winter hats alone, then we’ve some big news – pom poms are a super trendy way to create awesome party decor too! The fabulous Charlotte Newland has some fantastic ideas on how you can use pom poms to decorate party hats, cakes and more, which you can read about right here. For more pom pom party inspiration, check out Sarah Hurley’s Pom Pom Banner Tutorial, or learn How to Decorate Party Hats with Pom Poms right here.  These gorgeous little balls of colour have so many uses, you’d be mad not to create your own! What do you need? Just plenty of yarn in a colour (or colours) of your choice, and one of our easy-to-use pom pom makers!

2. The Perfect Pinata

Loved by kids and adults alike, a piñata is the perfect entertainment piece, no matter what the celebration! (We even kicked off our own birthday celebrations with a round of office piñata at Create and Craft HQ!) The good news? A homemade cone piñata is really easy to make! All you need is newspaper strips, glue, and a balloon to paper mache the main shape, cardstock and tape to create the cones, and shredded tissue paper and glue to create the main decoration. Simple! We bet you’ll love it so much, you’ll be making them for occasions all year round! Need more inspiration? Check out this Crafty Piñata Tutorial!

3. Beautiful Bunting

Want to create beautiful bunting? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with a vast selection of gorgeous fabrics, as well as quality sewing machines in a range of models to suit every level of crafter, whether you’re completely new to sewing, or a bit of a pro. If you are new to sewing and you’re not sure what kind of machine would be the best choice for you, check out our crafty guide to choosing the best sewing machine before you shop! And if you’re desperate to give creating your own bunting a go, then you’ll love this Happy Birthday Bunting Tutorial by the lovely Charlotte Newland! For even more inspiration, check out this fantastic Crazy Garlands and Bunting Book from Alistair MacDonald… and create something truly special!

4. Jar Lanterns

Jar lanterns – they’re so easy to create, and so on trend, no matter what the time of year! In the spring and summer months you can use them to transform your garden into a beautiful space that’s perfect for entertaining, and in the winter they add a warm glow to any room of the house. Did we mention that they’re perfect for weddings too? Simply match the embellishments you wrap around the jar to your wedding colourscheme, and hey presto! Homemade wedding decor. You can easily craft your own shabby-chic lantern by decorating the outside of a glass jar with lace and a little bit of hemp cord, then filling the bottom of the jar with salts to give it a hint of colour. It’s that simple! Need inspiration? Check out the fantastic Jar Lantern Tutorial on our website!

5. Party Food!

Gourmet Gadgetry have been making food fun, dinner parties easy, and kitchens seriously stylish for some time now… so it’s no wonder that when it comes to producing party food, these fantastic gadgets have got you well and truly covered! Fancy impressing guests with a retro Chocolate Fountain? Simply serve up a selection of chopped fruits and marshmallows, and allow guests to help themselves! Creating cake pops, doughnuts and cupcakes is also hassle-free, thanks to the fabulous 3-in-1 Snack Maker. And you can even serve them up in ultimate style, with the gorgeous Cupcake Merry-Go-Round – the tastiest centerpiece ever!

6. Design Your Own 3d Decor

Have a fantastic party them in mind, but can’t find the decorations you need? No problem! Thanks to a revolutionary new concept in crafting, you can create your own 3D decorations… with a pen! As easy to use as a regular pen, the incredible CoLiDo 3D Pen allows you to draw in 3D! Simply hold the CoLiDo 3D pen in thin air and draw to create instant, rigid, free-standing structures. Imagine the possibilities when it comes to parties… you could produce table decorations, favours, free-standing numbers (perfect for milestone birthdays!) and more.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to 3D crafting with one of these at your disposal!

7. Poppin’ Party Stationery

What’s the best way to make sure everyone’s free to attend your crafty party? By sending out invitations plenty of time beforehand! At Create and Craft, we just love homemade stationery, because it means you can really give your guests a taste of the party to come! Experiment with colourschemes, embellishments and more, to create something that truly communicates your chosen theme! If you’re starting from scratch, we’ve a stunning selection of coloured papers, decorative card, and gorgeous embellishments for you to get creative with.  Or, if you’re after something simpler, check out this gorgeous Cutie Pies Stationery Set from Kanban!

8.  Disney Theme Your Party

Who doesn’t love Disney? No matter who you ask, young or old, everyone has a favourite Disney story or character… so why not check out our fantastic range of Disney crafting supplies, so you can add a Disney theme to your party with ease? Whether it’s a pirate bash or a princess party, we’ve got you covered with all your favourite Disney characters in one place at Create and Craft.

9. Glamorize With Gitter!

At Create and Craft, we just love glitter… we’d add it to everything if we could! So if you’re keen on injecting a little sparkle into proceedings, then check out our fantastic range of glitter, and add it to stationery, balloons, decorations and more! From easy-to-use glitter pens, to glitter powders in every colour imaginable, we’ve got what you need to achieve instant glam!

10. Flower Power

Now the sun is shining and gardens across the UK and coming back to life, we think it’s the perfect time to add some flower power to your crafting! Whether you’re crafting for a springtime garden party or a summer wedding, handcrafted flowers add a lovely splash of colour and elegance to the occasion. If you’re a papercraft enthusiast, you’ll love  this post on how to create DIY wedding tissue paper flowers! Alternatively, if you’d rather work with ribbon or fabric, then check out this fantastic ribbonwork set that includes the tools you need to get started!

11. All That Glitters…

That’s right – we love glitter so much, we’re talking about it AGAIN! But we couldn’t let a post about parties go by without sharing our gorgeous Glitter Bug Collection, and super shiny Metallic Collection! Jam-packed with sparkle, these gorgeous bundles are a fantastic investment for adding shimmer to a vast array of projects.

Or perhaps you’re more interested in how you can add your own sparkle to crafts? Experiment with hot foiling and letter pressing with the GoPress and Foil Deluxe Machine; you’ll be amazed what you can create for your big event!

12. A Touch of Nostaliga

There’s nothing like a little trip down memory lane every now and then… especially if you’re celebrating a big birthday!  We’ve everything from Vintage Mickey Mouse to Art Deco Printables – perfect for indulging in a spot of nostalgia! Why not create pretty favour boxes or eye-catching stationery that alludes to years gone by? Or invest in this beautiful Vintage Die Set from Tattered Lace that will enable you to create wonderfully elegant envelopes and cards – perfect for creating show-stopping invitations!

13. Number It

Whether you’re creating bunting, table decorations, party invitations or something else entirely – there’s no better way to mark a milestone birthday, than by numbering it… literally! If you’re creating fabric bunting, then our AccuQuilt Fabric Number Dies are the perfect way to cut perfectly sized numbers in an instant with your AccuQuilt GO! Alternatively, papercrafters will love these Decorative Number Dies for getting creative with card and paper! Think personalised stationery, party decor and more.

14. Yarn-Free Pom Poms!

Ok, we know we already mentioned pom poms earlier on… but just in case you don’t have any wool to hand and you’re still keen to hop on board the pom pom craze – we have a solution! Check out Julie Peasgood’s cupcake case pom poms! In this fantastic pom pom post Crafty Beggar, Julie Peasgoodexplains how you can create colourful pom poms using cupcake cases and thread!

15. Bake To Impress

At Create and Craft, we feel very lucky to have the incredibly talented Mich Turner in our midst, always on call to produce spectacular bakes for every crafty event! If you haven’t yet seen the incredible cake she produced for our birthday celebrations this year, then you can read all about it right here! Needless to say, if you’re after inspiration for baking beautiful party treats that look almost too good to eat, then check out some of Mich’s wonderful recipes right here… the only problem will be deciding which to bake first!

Do you have any special events coming up that you’ll be crafting for? Let us know in the comments below!


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