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The 13 Best Fall Wreaths For Your Front Door

The 13 Best Fall Wreaths For Your Front Door

You know you’re a true crafter when you embrace absolutely any excuse to get creative with your home decor… which is why we always get super excited at this time of year! When the weather starts to cool and the leaves begin to fall, it’s time to start hunting for some fall wreath inspiration! This year, we thought we’d take the hard work out of trawling the web for fall wreath ideas, and accumulate all the very best fall wreaths right here for you to have a good look through, and be inspired by! Check out our favourite 13 fall wreaths below, and decide exactly how you plan to decorate your own front door this autumn!

13 Best Fall Wreaths:

Without further ado, let’s dive into our favourite 13 fall wreaths, and explore all the fabulous ways you can bring some autumnal beauty to your own front door this season!

Some Essential Wreath-Making Supplies You May Need…

1. Berry Beautiful Fall Wreath:

This warm and wonderful fall wreath features hints of harvest, thanks to a delicate selection of berries in a variety of shades of red. Pale golden leaves combine with burnt umber ones to provide an autumnal contrast that will look fab on any front door!

Berry Beautiful Fall Wreath image

2. Fallen Leaves Autumnal Wreath:

A gorgeous combination of leaves and flowers has been thrown together to create this vibrant yellow wreath, with subtle hints of red, orange and green. Perfect for breathing life into your front porch, this natural wreath would make a fantastic project for any autumn scavengers… collect the leaves that fall on your lawn and create your very own!

Fallen Leaves Autumnal Wreath image

3. Papercraft Blooms Fall Wreath:

Don’t fancy waiting for the leaves to fall before you get started on this year’s autumn wreath? No problem! This perfect papercraft wreath shows you what you can produce with a good supply of coloured card, and a helping of creativity! And if you’re using your own card, you can put together any colourscheme you like – you could match your wreath to the colour of your front door, the colours of the season, or something else entirely!

Papercraft Blooms Fall Wreath image

4. Simple Yet Sweet Floral Nest Wreath:

This adorable little wreath looks like a super snug birds’ nest with pretty floral detailing, and features a more delicate colourscheme than the usual reds and golds of autumn. Looking for a more subdued addition to your fall decor this season? This could be the fall wreath for you.

Simple Yet Sweet Floral Nest Wreath image

5. Bold and Beautiful Sunflower Wreath:

Subdued isn’t for everyone, though is it? If you fancy making a statement this fall, combine vibrant fallen leaves with big and beautiful sunflowers to create something that will add instant cheer to your front door!

Bold and Beautiful Sunflower Wreath image

6. Autumnal Orange Fall Wreath:

How about this beautiful wreath for a golden autumnal vibe? Leaves, miniature pumpkins, and berries have all been brought together atop a woven wreath in varied shades of yellow and orange, to create something simple yet sophisticated.

Autumnal Orange Fall Wreath image

7. DIY Fall Leaf Wreath:

Want to keep it simple? No problem – this perfect circle of autumn leaves has been carefully constructed using intact fallen leaves, to create a gorgeous ring of colour! Go foraging for leaves in shades of yellow, orange, red and green, then take them home and arrange them as a linear colourscale to create your own version of the fall wreath below. Simply adhere them to a circular piece of firm card or MDF, to hang on your front door!

Fall Leaves DIY Fall Leaf Wreath image

8. Fall Wreath With Sparkling Accents

Fancy adding a little sparkle and shine? Try incorporating glittering embellishments into your fall wreath for instant glamour! Nestle 2-3 sparkling pieces of faux fruit or decorative leaves and berries amidst the real deal to create stunning contrast!

Fall Wreath With Sparkling Accents image

9. Roses Are Red Fall Wreath:

You needn’t be restrained to the moody colours of autumn; if you’re more of a bright and cheerful kind of a crafter, why not try creating something like the rosy wreath below? A mixture of reds and creams held loosely together using florist’s wire make this fall wreath a lovely way to lighten up your external decor this season.

Roses Are Red Fall Wreath image

10. Harvest Inspired Wreath:

Of course, if you do like to keep it traditional, you might opt to create something like this! Inspired by the true bounties of harvest, this wreath sticks to a more traditional colourscheme for fall, and appears to be overflowing with fruits!

Harvest Inspired Wreath image

11. Bright and Beautiful Floral Wreath:

Here’s another wreath that’s overflowing – this time with colour! The addition of a popping pink and a pretty purple serve to really invigorate this fall wreath, whilst a decorative base of golden autumn leaves keep it true to season.
Bright and Beautiful Floral Spring Wreath image

12.Leafy Pinecone and Acorn Wreath

The perfect combination of all things autumn, this wreath boldly displays a selection of beautiful pinecones and acorns nestled proudly amidst a bounty of golden leaves. You’ll need to get your foraging boots on if you want to make this one!

13. DIY Burlap Fall Wreath:

Never made your own fall wreath before, and feeling a little nervous? Then this is the project for you! Click here to view the fabulous Penelope Quinn’s Fall Wreath Tutorial, and discover step-by-step how to create your own!
DIY Burlap Fall Wreath image

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