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Be Inspired: 10 Quilling Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away

Be Inspired: 10 Quilling Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away

Papercraft is such a fantastic rabbit warren of creativity to dive into, and covers all manner of crafty hobbies, from cardmaking to journaling, stamping, to origami… but one particular papercraft we’ve really fallen head over heels in love with this past year, is quilling. It may look complicated, but with the right glue and a stash of paper strips, it’s easy to get stuck into quilling and create your own masterpiece! We’ve collated our pick of awesome quilling designs that the talented Carla Bagshaw has created for us this year right here, so you too can get lost amongst the curls, colours and crimping, and be inspired to have a go at creating your own quilled masterpiece!

What a Whale:

At the top of our countdown of awesome quilling designs is this magnificent quilled whale. Not only is it big, blue and beautiful, but it’s also the perfect introduction to quilling, as we have a free template you can download right here, to have a go at creating your very own!

Quilling designs - whale

Fantastic Fox:

How beautiful does this fiery-toned fox look, with his big bushy tail, and fluffy white chest? Created using a beautiful combination of coils and teardrops, this gorgeous design is packed with character!

Quilling designs - fox

Fox close-up

Fox close-up

Fluorescent Flamingo:

The flamingo has made a bit of a comeback this year in terms of trends... and it's not hard to see why! Who doesn't love hot pink? Look closely and you'll see that there's plenty of crimping featured in this stunning summery piece, adding eye-catching texture to an already attention-grabbing design!

Quilling designs - Flamingo

Summer Sunflower:

The perfect way to celebrate nature, sunshine, and all things happy, it is of course, the sunny sunflower! Inject instant brightness and beauty into any room of the home, no matter what the time of year, with this fantastic floral design. Its centre is a dense display of tight coils, surrounded by flowing petals and contrasting leaves for a mesmerising finish.

Quilling designs - Sunflower

Sunflower close-up

Sunflower close-up

Carry On At The Carnival:

Why settle for just one colour, when you can combine all your favourites? This showstopping carnival creation features a gorgeous carnival girl, wearing an intricately foiled headdress that's bound to become a talking point in your home! The great thing about this design is how free you can be with your quilling - throw together any shapes in any selection of colours you like... the headdress needn't even be symmetrical!

Quilling designs - Carnival

Carnival close-up

Carnival close-up

An Elegant Elephant:

One of the most majestic animals to behold, the elegant elephant is definitely one of our favourites! And we just love the careful, and perfectly symmetrical placement of graduated colours within this pretty design!

Quilling designs - Elephant

Close-up - elephant

Fall Leaves:

Bursting with fiery autumnal reds, oranges and yellows, this beautiful leaf is a celebration of all things autumn. We love how the quilled shapes have been perfectly pressed together to create a marvellous maple leaf outline.

Quilling designs - leaf

Close up - leaf

Pretty Little Pumpkins:

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, which is we we adore this pretty little quilled piece, featuring a pumpkin display in all its fall glory! A fantastic seasonal piece of decor, this lovely quilled design would also be at home displayed on a shelf or wall in the kitchen, all-year-round. Pumpkin soup, anyone?

Quilling designs - pumpkins

Pumpkins close-up

Pumpkins close-up

Festive Frills:

If you're looking for creative ways to add a crafty finish to your giftwrap, then you simply must try your hand at creating a quilled gift tag or two! We think these festive designs from Carla are just the ticket for Christmas, but you could create your own personalised designs for birthdays, anniversaries and more!

Quilled gift tag - Christmas pudding

Quilled gift tag - Santa

Quilled gift tag - Rudolph

Just Joyful:

And to conclude our celebration of all things quilled, we thought this design would be the perfect fit... because feasting our eyes on all these gorgeous papercraft pieces has been a total joy! The combination of shapes and colours in this one makes it quite the attention-grabber, and we just love the way each letter has been embellished to turn it into a work of art!

Quilling designs - Joy

Feeling inspired to get creative yet? Or do you need more ideas..? If you enjoyed looking through all these gorgeous quilling designs, you might like to dive into the rest of our papercraft articles, projects and tutorials right here!

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