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Here’s Lookin’ at Boo: 10 Minute Eyeball Pops

Here’s Lookin’ at Boo: 10 Minute Eyeball Pops

Give classic sprinkles a new life by combining classic Halloween skulls, bones and pumpkins with creepy eyeballs to make boo-tiful treats. Simply melt Candy Melts and decorate! No-one will be able to resist these sweet pops.

Ingredients to Make 12 Pops:


Step 1: Make the Sprinkles Mix

Combine sprinkles into two bowls, sorting as follows: black sugar pearls, skull and bones mix and half the white nonpareils in one bowl; orange and black sugars, jack-o’-lantern sprinkles and the other half of the white nonpareils in the other bowl. Each mix should be about ½ a cup.

Step 2: Prepare the Melted Candy Melts

Melt Candy Melts according to package instructions. Use the orange candy colour from the set to tint half the candy orange. Reserve the other half white. Pour each colour into its own decorating bag.

Step 3: Make the Pops

Working with one bag at a time, cut a small opening in the decorating bag. Pipe a circle, about 5cm in diameter, on a parchment paper covered cake circle.

Rotate about 2.5cm of the lollipop stick into the candy. Tap to even out the candy.

Scatter the sprinkle mix over the candy. Add candy eyeballs. Repeat for your desired number of pops.

Chill the pops until set, about 5 to 10 minutes.

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