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10 Crochet Animals Guaranteed to Steal Your Heart

10 Crochet Animals Guaranteed to Steal Your Heart

If you’re a crochet fan and you haven’t yet heard of the adorable craze that is amigurumi, then it’s likely you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years… but fear not! Whether you’re familiar with these captivating and cuddly little creatures or not, you’re bound to let out a little ‘aww!’ once you feast your eyes on our favourite crochet animals here!

1. Rosie The  Daschshund

Meet Rosie, TOFT’s adorable little daschshund just desperate to curl up on your lap for a cuddle! You can create your very own Rosie for yourself or the dog-lover in your life, with this fantastic kit, which provides you with all the yarn you’ll need plus a handy postcard pattern to follow.

2. Harold The Teeswater Sheep

A longwool breed of sheep originating in Teesdale, England, our Harold is a hardy character, but would still rather make a home for himself on your windowsill than spend this winter grazing outside! Once completed, Harold measures approximately 18cm from head to toe – the perfect size for cuddling, without taking up too much space!

3. Jason The Oryx

You won’t find instructions on how to create our handsome Jason the Oryx in any of Kerry Lord’s crochet books… so if you want to get your hands on this fabulous pattern, then check out this wonderful kit from TOFT! You didn’t think antelopes were cuddly? Think again!

4. Pat The Shire Horse

Shire horses are counted amongst the largest breeds of horse in the world – but their laid-back, family-friendly nature makes them a firm favourite with horse-lovers everywhere… and Pat is no exception! This kit includes a selection of luxury DK yarn spun from the finest fleeces, so you can create your very own super-soft Pat the Shire Horse to cherish!

5. Orla The Octopus

Did you know that Poole Hospital in the UK encourage the parents of their premature babies to give their children crocheted octopuses to cuddle, after Doctors in Denmark discovered that babies who cradled an octopus toy showed improved breathing, a regular heartbeat, and strong oxygen blood levels? Some people believe that the tentacles remind the baby of being surrounded by the umbilical cord in the womb!

6. Saxon The Cocker Spaniel

Loyal, fun and adorable, the cocker spaniel is a much-loved working breed of dog. If you’d like all the joy of cocker spaniel cuddles without the substantial exercise requirements and food bills however, we have a solution! Create you very own cuddly cocker with this fantastic kit – all the materials included are made in the UK using 100% Aran wool, making Saxon a durable and environmentally friendly best friend!

7. Bridget The Elephant

Elephants are the largest species of land animal in the world. But at 18cm once completed, our Bridget is the perfect size to sit pride of place in your home… and she’s the tamest wild animal you’ll ever meet! Elephants a renowned for developing close and strong bonds with their families… making Bridget the perfect addition to yours.

8. Bruno The Okapi

Don’t let his stripy legs fool you; the Okapi is in fact the only remaining ancestor of the giraffe! Just look at Bruno’s adorable little face and you’ll see the resemblance. If you want to add an unusual but totally adorable character to your existing amigurumi collection, then look no further than the beautiful Bruno!

9. Sid The Giant Anteater

Did you know that anteaters can be as small as squirrels, or as big as 7-feet long? Despite eating up to 30,000 insects per day however, they also love their sleep. So what better cuddle buddy to add to your sofa or bed, than Sid the Giant Anteater? We particularly love his super-soft and fuzzy finish!

10. Lou The Merino

We’ve all heard of merino wool… well meet our little Merino sheep, Lou! Regarded as having the finest and softest wool of any breed, the Merino is a highly prized sheep. We’re sure you’ll feel just the same about Lou! This lovely kit includes all the yarn and instructions you’ll need to create this super cuddly buddy!


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