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WIN a FabScraps Cardmaking Bundle Worth £50!

WIN a FabScraps Cardmaking Bundle Worth £50!

It’s giveaway time! Because it’s World Cardmaking Day on Saturday 7th October, we’ve teamed up with FabScraps to celebrate with a Create & Craft blog giveaway. If you’re the lucky winner, we’ll send you a beautiful bundle of FabScraps cardmaking goodies worth £50!

Entering the competition couldn’t be easier; simply comment on the blog below to answer:

“Why do you love cardmaking?”

You can comment your answer from now until 23:59pm on Sunday, 8th October to put your name in for the chance to win. The Create & Craft blog team will then confer with FabScraps on Monday, 9th October to choose our winning response. Please remember to include a valid email address in the comment box; the lucky winner will be contacted via email!

If you need a little inspiration, this is why FabScraps love cardmaking:

“Who can resist letting their creative juices flow and the undeniable satisfaction of creating something handmade with love? ♥ We believe it is far more valuable to receive a card made from the heart and something that can be treasured forever! Here are some gorgeous cards made from our latest Create & Craft Cardmaking Kits!” — Caitlin Fowle, FabScraps

I bet you’re eager to know what’s inside that mysterious box! The bundle contains a huge range of high-quality cardmaking supplies, carefully put together by the team at FabScraps for you. We’re far too excited to keep up this veil of mystery, so here’s exactly what you’ll win.

EDIT: New prizes have been added! Because of the standard of entries, FabScraps have offered 2nd and 3rd place prizes (£25 cardmaking bundle) plus stencils for 7 runner-ups!

View T&Cs for the giveaway here.

Good luck, and happy World Cardmaking Day! — Create & Craft x

*This competition is now closed*


  • Caroline Kelly
  • Julia Jones
  • Susan Ashworth
  • Karen Palmer
  • Teresa Bossino
  • Carolyn Oxley
  • Craftyboots
  • Elaine P
  • Mrs Tina Turner
  • Sandra Wyatt

134 thoughts on “WIN a FabScraps Cardmaking Bundle Worth £50!”

  • I love card crafting, I get so excited when I am waiting at the door for the parcels. I enjoy all types of crafting, crafting takes me to another place, I pick a card stock and the start creating. I enjoy making cards but I enjoy more when the receiver opens the envelope and looks at the creation I have made, most comments are you didn’t do that then it’s WOW isn’t that brilliant. Inside I am all excited and proud, I use all different companies. I love doing 3d especially boxes,bags or Parma, churches.

  • I love card making because there are many wonderful items on the market today. Card making keeps me busy (and keeps me out of trouble haha). I also love to see the look on peoples faces whan they realise that you took the time and effort to put some love into the cards ypu make for them xx

  • Being a new card crafter, I have discovered a love of card making , it calms my mind, gives life to the little grey cells, keeps my fingers moving and imagination active.
    The pleasure on family and friends faces as they receive the card, made just for them is so rewarding.

  • There is nothing more rewarding in changing a blank piece of card into a creative work of art. Made with love from a variety of diffent mediums and methods. Whatever feels right as you create on the hoof!
    Every finished card being an individual triumph.

    • I find craft shows and demonstrations so inspiring, and yes, very rewarding when you can take a piece of blank card and turn it into a beautiful and unique piece of work with the use of die cuts, paint and lovely decorative paper. It can be a challenge but the end result is wonderful after which you want to go on and on working away in your own little world of producing something not just for the moment but looking ahead to your next project and trying out a new piece of equipment.

  • Who doesn’t love a handmade card? Not one of those mass produced ‘handmade’ cards that cost a fortune, but a genuinely handmade, often unique, special card.
    I make cards for a few reasons: to fundraise for Macmillan, to give close family and friends a card that reflects who they are and also to help me manage my depression and anxiety.

  • I love fabscraps – they inspire me to try different techniques and once I’m “in the zone” It makes any worrying problems easily manageable

  • I love card making because I get a feeling of satisfaction every time I see the end product, even if it takes me a few attempts to get there, you see I’ve only been card making a few weeks. I’m 48 years of age and never had a hobby, I find card making relaxing and you can release your artistic flare (even though I’m not in anyway artsy)

  • I love cardmaking because it takes me to a place where I forget everyday worries and achieve a product I can be proud of, I love to experiment an I marvel at what my brain cells can come up with (sometimes a bin job ) but more often a great surprise a real feel good factor

  • I can create a card that is unique and personal for each person its been made for. I can also add a bit of my personality and humour to the card so the recipient knows straight away that it was from me!!!

  • I love being creative with card making, picking up ideas and then making them my own. It almost takes me back to my childhood, snipping, gluing and colouring. Love it

  • Crafting is the time for me. It let’s me be creative, thoughtful and focused, while I creative relevant cards and artwork specific to individual family members. I’m always ready for a new tool or technique to increase my creative juices and abilities.. [email protected]

  • I just love card making because it re!axes me and is a good creative way to lift me out of the low moods which I get now and then . I have been card making and paper crafting for 12 years now and am even more passionate about it now than ever , to me it’s just pure enjoyment that I indulge in day after day and never get bored of .

  • Cardmaking gives me a chance to escape into my own crafting world, and gives me a chance to unwind from caring for my husband.

  • I find cardmaking very relaxing and love arranging the designs in different ways so no 2 cards are the same. My daughter started me doing them 10 years ago and love picking scraps and seeing what I can do with them.

  • Cardmaking allows you to tailor the card perfectly to the recipient whether its favourite colours, hobbies, a passion for a particular flower or place. Each one is unique.

  • You are transported into another world of creativity it’s fantastic when you look at what you have created and then sent with so much love to family special friends or anyone who always wait for your card coming knowing it has been handcrafted specially for them.

  • Card making is a time to relax and let the creative juices flowing – always a very rewarding time spent and absolutely love the Fabscraps cardmakers paper.

  • An amazing hobby no matter what the world might throw at you making cards takes you away to another place without the stress of everyday life.

    Mind it can get addictive and expensive but worth every penny.

  • I joined the U3A after I retired and went to their craft club and from there I can’t get enough of it. It helped me get through the loss of my job and now I make cards for all the family and friends and just love it.
    I have made lots of new friends and this again helped when one leaves a job to enjoy the making of cards and keeping me busy and just loving it.

  • You are transported to a different dimension, where every thing is perfect in your crafty place. Unicorns play beneath the rainbow, with fairies touching flowers to make the perfect colours. Your crafty teapot is always full and hot, and the cakes have no calories. When you are in this place your imagination runs wild, and your creations show your thoughts for your card recipient , scrapbook pages flood you with memories of that special time spent with others or certain places. Fabrics and threads weave together, encasing your love and thoughts in a permanent reminder with your special project.

  • I love cardmaking because it is so absorbing and relaxing that I forget any worries or stresses – I even sometimes forget to eat! And at the end of it I’ve created a work of art small enough to pop in an envelope and post to a friend for them to have their own hand made creation to treasure. My hand made cards are my way of helping charities too, by giving them bundles of cards to sell for fundraising. So it fulfils many purposes for me and is a major part of my life

  • I love making cards. You start with a blank canvas and by adding toppers and embellishments you get a bespoke unique card. I also like to see the look of surprise on the recipients face when they realise the card was made specially for them. “Priceless!!”

  • I love card-making as it’s a way of escaping everyday life, it’s therapeutic and relaxing.
    It’s always fun to try out new techniques and to see what you’ve created at the end.

  • I love card asking because I can tailor the card to the person receiving it. Whether it’s a favourite animal, hobby or colour, the card will be unique. People appreciate them much more than store bought and that makes me happy!

  • I like card making because it helps me feel positive. I love colour and mixing and matching different patterns and giving the cards to my family. Just seeing their faces when you give a hand made card is great.

  • As well as being therapeutic to me I also give my cards to an animal charity and helping animals gives me a great feeling

  • Card making is not just a hobby but a way of life. My whole world revolves around my creations and gives great pleasure .I have been a card maker for over 20 years and cards have helped me through illness and bereavement.
    There is no way to describe the joy and warmth I feel when delivering a batch to the local Hospice shop .

  • I love card making so that I can create unique cards for family and friends that they won’t get anywhere else A £50 Fabscraps prize would enhance my crafting fingers to make some great cards.

  • I love crafting it is the best medicine in the world it gets me through everything. There is nothing better than being able to give a card made with love and know the recipient will not have another the same.

  • I love cardmaking, because it gives me a create outlet and helps me manage my pain without using excessive painkillers.

  • I love card making as it gives me a reason to get up sometimes as I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in most joints & depression because of the pain so I can’t work but card making helps to keep me occupied when the pain gets me down & family and friends like what I do. I try to make each card different so it matches the personality of the person who will receive one of my cards. It would be lovely to win this fantastic prize from fabscraps & create and craft thanks for the opportunity xxx

  • i love cardmaking because it gets the nental juices flowing. i love that i can start off with a blank piece of paper and turn it into something good. quite a few of my cards go to a local charity. i was looking for a hobby and a friend suggessted cardmaking, used a kit from a magazine and been hooked ever since

  • I love card making as it’s my chance to have a bit of me time, as working full time, running a home and looking after family doesn’t leave much free time. I really love creating cards to match the recipients personality or interests and I love to see their reactions when they open the envelope. I think it’s fab what you can create from a few scraps.

  • I love cardmaking as I get lost in my own little world. Hours will pass without me noticing. When I give out my cards at Christmas and Birthday time, the recipient knows that I took the time to sit and make their card, which makes it very special

  • Because it helps me to ‘keep crafting’, it helps me to forget all of life’s problems, stresses & panics just for that crafting time I get to myself.

  • I love card making because as well as being able to get creative and make lovely personal cards for friends and family, it’s also brought me together with lots of like minded, talented and wonderful crafters, some of who have become lifelong friends.

    Card making is also a distraction from health problems and when I’m unable to do much else it makes me feel good when I’ve achieved a card I’m pleased with

  • I love card making as it keeps me sane in this world that we have now.Surrounded by my crafty stash makes me happy. I have ” lost” hours crafting.Bliss.:0)

  • I am housebound by disability and when I discovered card making a couple of years ago it rescued me and gave me a whole new lease of life and has given me a purpose, something to look forward to when I wake up in the morning and my friends and family seem to like my makes too so they also get something out of it 🙂

  • Card making is my therapy, I have a life limiting illness and mobility problems, but when I get my craft stuff out and start making cards I am transported to a place of peace and calm.

  • Relax, Unwind and Create
    I have found card making to be my go to if I need to unwind and relax. Being creative doesn’t come naturally to me – matching the card and papers with the embellishments can take me some time, though I tend to manage to find a combination I’m happy with and I’m slowly building up a selection of cards that I’ve found my family are more than happy to use – that makes me smile 🙂

  • Since learning that I am to be a Gran, I have returned to crafting including knitting, sewing and have recently taught myself crochet. I really enjoy papercrafting and I am excited by the projects I see on Create and Craft and the possibilities of what I can make for my new Grandchild! This is a new brand that I have not seen before and it would give me endless possibilities to extend what I can do. I always have a sense of real pride when I complete a project. :

  • Friends and Family feel special as they know I have taken extra time and effort with the cards they receive. It is a craft that always gives – joy, surprise and love to those that receive cards. To me, the maker – happiness when I see their response. New knowledge everyday. Skills I never thought I was capable of. Access to a whole new community. Escape from my black dog. Peace, calm and pride in how my life is improving because I’ve risen to the challenge of a new hobbie, throwing myself in 100%. I’m so happy to have found this craft.

  • To be able to take some paper,card,and your own imagination and make something personal for your loved ones gives you such a lovely feeling.and for them knowing you care enough to make them something that is just for them is fab

  • After a long hard day at work, what better way to unwind than with a pack of embellishments and card stock and let the stresses of the day drift away as the creative juices flow – resulting in wonderful masterpieces all made by me!!!!

  • I love to see the joy when people receive a handmade card especially for them; something personal that you have taken the time and effort to make. It is relaxing and a great outlet for my creativity. Each card is different and is there to pass on greetings, congratulations or encouraging words just for them.

  • I suffer with mental health issues and find crafting, especially making cards very relaxing. Craft keeps me going through the very black days. Hubby has now joined in with my crafting which is really nice as his enthusiasm helps me and at the end I produce a card that contains part of me. As yet I have not sold my cards but give them away to charities. This again gives me a buzz to think I am making something people want. I’d love to win so that I can craft, craft, craft for ever!

  • I love card making because it is not just one craft. Card making allows me to use so many different types of media from paper to wire, from fabric to wood and so many more and all these media can be cut, coloured, stamped, manipulated into anything that I want to have on my card. Words and verse can be the making of a card too, and card making allows me to draw on the creativity within me to express exactly what needs to be said from Birthday wishes to Christmas Kisses, from Wedding Congratulations to sympathetic condolences, choosing the right words and creative designs can really let the receiver of the card, just how much you care.

  • The joy of losing myself and all my troubles in the craft of card making. I’ve always loved paper and card, art and design, ever since I was a small child. The end product is the card itself, which you then send or give to the recipient. It’s always better giving it in person of course to see the look on their face. It’s so lovely. If I have lots of excess cards I give them to any charity shop that takes them so there’s no waste and it serves a good cause. x

  • I love card making as I enjoy being creative and seeing the delight on the recipient’s faces when they receive a card that has been made by myself.
    I also enjoy card making with my two older granddaughters as I feel that it is important to teach the younger generation the art of being creative and seeing the cards that they have made and the girls have their own craft stash at my house and they ask to make cards for their friends but they love to make cards for their nana who has dementia and they all sit in a row and she gets great pleasure from looming at them as she has dementia and they make cards with cats and they have also made decorations for her Christmas tree and they enjoy using not only dies but CD Roms and they are learning to use graphics programmes. So not only are they being creative they are learning new skills which is useful that they use and they even taught their mum how to use the graphics programmes.

  • Love FabScraps totally on trend card making staples the range of cards that can be made from these supplies is endless and the range makes it possible to make utterly gorgeous cards for the men in your life as well as anyone else. A pinch of steam punk and retro chic the muted colours are elegant and understated but utterly fabulous.

  • I love cardmaking because it takes me into my own little world of happiness.

    Cardmaking (and chocolate 🙂 ) help me relax and stop stressing about work.

    There are so many amazing cardstock, brushes, paints etc, which make me smile.

    I don’t mind clutter because it is good clutter 🙂

  • I love cardmaking as it is a calming pass time in which I start with some card, either find or make a topper and voila a card, to celebrate with family or to give away to charity. I truly enjoy the feeling of making something out of nothing. It is a way to be me.

  • I love card making as it is a relaxing activity and I enjoy creating an individual item from scratch and the joy people have when they receive something handmade.

  • I love card making because it helps me to relax, when I get stressed or annoyed about things I can sit down and make a card to be calm and de stress. I have only been making cards for a year but the utter enjoyment that comes from my cards both to make and give is priceless! ✂️✏️

  • I love card making because I get a lot of satisfaction from designing and making the cards, and even more satisfaction from giving the card to someone on their Birthday and seeing how happy they are to receive it.

  • I am not the most eloquent person, but I can give you an example of why I love being creative and making my cards. A few days ago after quite a tough year, my daughter was trying hard to explain to my 8 year old grandson that this Christmas there would not be very many presents. His response warmed my heart. He said “yes mummy but I will still get one of Nanna’s special cards won’t I. And all was well. I can’t think of a better reason to do what we love can you?

  • I can personalise cards for friends to suit their hobbies and interests and it is quite calming just to sit and compose a card or scrapbook page.

    • I love card making because, I can get lost in making cards it takes away the troubles of the day away, that’s when the creative side of me comes out. and I can sit for hours just playing with different styles of cards. I have just got into die cutting so that’s what I’m into at the moment, until the next style takes my fancy.

  • Why do I love card making? That’s a tough question to answer as there are so many reasons, but mainly being creative fulfils an inner need in such a hectic World sometimes you just need to take time out. Card making allows you to zone out and relax – no matter the time – when everyone else is in bed, the shops are shut, the days work is done, take a breath, card making supplies at the ready and everything for a while feels right with the world again.

  • I love card making because, with every element I place on a card, I am placing a little piece of myself too; a piece that says, ‘I care’, ‘I’m thinking of you’, I miss you’, ‘I love you’, and a 1001 other things besides, giving me an opportunity to show what I feel to family, friends and colleagues, in a myriad unique and individual ways that shop-bought cards can never replicate.

  • I love making personalized cards for my friends and family for birthdays and special occasions rather than buying a card from a store. My love shows on the card and it makes them so happy to receive something unique. I love fab scraps

  • I feel relaxed and energised when I’ve created something. Then if I give it to someone else, then I am touched by their enjoyment too. I love card making as i can try all different tecniques that I’ve seen done by somone else.

  • Completely agree with the statement, I was introduced to card crafting, Jewellery making and home decor through my Aunt, I love crafting and am so proud to give people my crafts as gifts,. Crafting has inspired me to want my own business and has brought light to us as a family, my twin five year olds want to craft, colour and learn everyday due to my enthusiasm. These kits look fabulous and I would love to have some in my stash. Love C & C, thanks guys

  • Because I loose my self for hours when I am card making and it also gives other people joy (hopefully) to receive hand made cards, that are personalised.

  • I love card making because it’s transports me to my own wee world of creation and pleasure and helps with my health issues. I love the feeling that I am creating something personal and unique for someone, and get a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment from it.

  • I love card making because it allows me to express the love I have for everyone I make a personal card for. It allows me some lovely times with my grandchildren (future crafters 🙂 ) making cards and pictures for their own families. I also love card making as it helps me take my mind off my health problems giving me an hour or so of mental relief. All in all card making enriches my life every day by taking me to a place of creativity and relaxation, where pain lessens and pleasure grows. Everyone should try it just once to experience the satisfaction of making something beautiful and packed with love.

  • Love cardmaking and sewing. Now find so much enjoyment putting the two together and having cards with fabric incorporated . As I make cards for a Blind club this gives so much more to the card as they can feel everything for themselves.

  • I live for crafting. It brightens my days and takes away my disabilities. I just think of nothing else when I am crafting. It makes me Very Happy.

  • I love crafting of all types, as a busy working mum its my go-to de-stresser once the children are in bed and I love that whatever I create it will be unique and personal. Its also a delight to see the proud looks of my children when they create their own treasures. There’s nothing else like it.

  • I find crafting very therapeutic as I suffer with stress related depression, I can forget about everything when I’m engrossed in making something and feel a sense on pride and achievement when I finish something. I especially enjoy making occasion cards and Christmas cards for family members and am always pleased with the finished items.
    I have had very positive feedback from recipients of my cards and know that my family appreciate the love and work that goes into them. Everyone loves a handmade card and I can produce something unique at considerably less cost than shop bought cards. I am on a tight budget and would love to be able to buy more sash!

  • I love card making because you can tailor what you make so the recipient gets something personalised and we all love seeing our own name on things don’t we?

  • I love crafting because I love using my imagination and I love personalising items such as gifts and cards. I make and creating cards, hand made gifts and decorations. I love to see peoples faces when they receive a hand made creation they really appreciate. I love trying lots of different techniques embossing dry/wet, mixed media, collage, rubber stamping, stencils, die cutting, quilling, jewellery making, decorating mdf. I enjoy the time for myself or having fun with friends + family. Crafting I find so relaxing it takes my mind off any irritations, I feel amazing when I am creating and I feel good my cards are as good if not better than shop bought and saves me money. I am inspired watching Create and Craft and the talented demonstrators on the shows. Thank you Create and Craft.

  • Having had an accident which resulted in significant disabilities suddenly I lost my job, my life as I knew it, my ability to believe in myself, my sense of purpose and achievement to name but a few.

    One day while flicking through th tv channels and not actually wanting to watch anything I came across create and craft. From the offset it was almost like having a friend / friends in my living room. I began my just watching and finding that I looked forward to watching more. Then I became a member of the create and craft club which opened even more interesting doors for me. After a few months of watching and reading articles / blogs in your magazine and members area I decided to give crafting a go. Some were too difficult for me to manage physically and financially but after trying a few crafts I found creating cards suited me. Initially there were some real disasters but after watching create & craft demonstrations , taking note of the very useful tips the presenters and guests share and of course learning from my past mistakes one day something just clicked. Inspiration came from the oddest places and there is now a notepad beside my bed to record ideas dreamt throughout the night. Slowly my confidence has returned, when I show or give cards the reactions give me a fantastic sense of achievement and after exploring card making techniques I have stretched my boundaries to make embellished and personalised cardboard bunting and artwork that could be displayed in frames. Again this has received some great feedback and I’ve had a few commissions for something special but different from my friends. This has allowed me to explore more possibilities, push my myself and try out different techniques, materials and mediums I have seen / bought through create and craft. My latest purchase was a scan and cut machine which I can only describe as amazing!

    It was a slow process, but what started off as just enjoying watching the C&C channel to attempting to make cards and pushing myself to explore different things I could employ card making techniques to I have found a new purpose for my changed life. But the best thing is I may actually be able to start a business that will allow me to work from home lying down at times to suit me and my pain be it in the middle of the night or during the day, card making is both flexible and forgiving of my disabilities which I can sadly say is not the case in the industry I built my career in.
    I love card making because it has allowed me to see there is life after my accident, there is s sense of purpose and achievement for me to grab that I just couldn’t see before. I know many people say card making has changed their lives, with me card making has given me a new life to enjoy, to test me and hopefully one day to financially support me. This was a wish I had given up on. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart!

  • I love Card making because there are lots of wonderful products out there. They keep the brain going with ideas and inspiration also helps. You can make beautiful cards for all occasions and it’s lovely to see other people’s reactions when they know that you have put the time and love into creating a card for them. I also love that you can pinch bits from kits to add to scrapbooking pages and make 3d items. Cardstock and embellishments don’t only have to make cards. They can be used to make loads of beautiful creations as they are universal. Card making comes first on my list though as I can sit with my husband and make cards in front of the t.v while spending time with loved ones. If your lucky you can even get them involved with creating beautiful cards too.

  • I found the fascination of card and box making thanks to my dear friend Dawn I am a oap with osteoarthritis in my hands,I am also a insomniac and the nights can be long at times but now I just get crafting the family now benefit from crafting especially the many foster children my daughter lovingly takes care off

  • I have always liked creating things, it started with knitting and sewing and has now evolved to card making. It is so lovely to send a hand made card that is personal to the recipient and with the products and designs available, I can make lots of beautiful cards so easily.

  • I love card making because I can give a more appropriate card to my family & friends, and I have the pleasure of crafting and being ‘in my own world’ whilst I’m creating my cards. There are SO MANY lovely items to buy which enhance the cards and add to the fun of producing them.

  • I love scrapbooking and card making and would love to win. The people who recieve my cards always enjoy them so much they cant wait for the next ones.

  • I love to craft and paper craft is top of my list
    It should be prescribed under the NHS you relax and can make some wonderful friends at shows and clubs
    C create a card and
    R relax with a sense of
    A achievement that
    F friends and family will
    T treasure

    There are so many reasons why everyone should craft just keep looking till you find the one that suits you

  • I love cardmaking as it relaxes my mind and stops me over thinking things. Also it nice to give someone a handmade card as it will be a one off. Every single card is unique to the person I gift it too.

  • I was a failure at art through my school life, feeling quite inept and disillusioned. I discovered card making in 2007. Suddenly, almost overnight I found I could be creative in a completely different way. I had found my niche. Now there’s no looking back. I make cards for family and friends, make leavers’ cards for the year 6 children in my school, sell cards at work, at my local hairdressers and since last year I sell cards and gift bags at a local shop. Craft IS for all. The sense of pride I now feel when giving away my creations is immense.

  • Cardmaking is my relaxation & chill out zone. After a hectic stressful work week there’s nothing better than to sit in my craft room creating. My mind clears of everything but what creation I’m going to do next.

  • Card making gives me the chance to ‘escape’ all that life has to throw at me – i.e all the nastiness that goes on everywhere, my accident and subsequent finding out I have Spina bifida, or the fact that I am on morphine, permanently.
    I have music playing in the background, whilst I cut out the shapes I want to use and paint them, or embossing card stock for a background, gluing, decoupage and adding the bits n bobs to finish, then finding out I have a card ready to give to a friend or family member.
    All combined, it relaxes my mind giving me peace and tranquility, and, although I am still in a lot of pain my mind is not on that pain or the problem which causes it.

    Any form of crafting is very relaxing and can be done by anyone, be they in full or part time work, those who are ill through no fault of their own, or anyone who has retired, male or female, child(with supervision) or adult.

    Thank you for running this competition and good luck to everyone who enters.

  • Cardmaking is my way of relaxing – and the bonus is that I end up with lovely cards to give to my friends and family

  • Cardmaking is my go to to distress after long day at work. It just make me forget everything. Any time off I have I am in my craft room making makes.

  • It’s time for me, time to put the stresses of everyday life in the back of my mind, time to make something beautiful and then to share what I’ve created with others is just the best feeling.

  • I adore making cards. There is something special and exciting to be able to give someone a card that i have created.
    I love being able to lose myself in my imagination, letting my mind wander and my hands work some magic. Nothing more rewarding than being able to spend an afternoon (or maybe more) crafting and letting all my worrys fade.
    My crafting is my life and a way for me to express myself.

  • Always looking for something new to hide away with in my craft room, as it’s my space to relax in with lots of paper, pearls and ribbon around me to create lots of lovely cards and gifts for family and friends. My own place that’s always a happy relaxing one.

  • I’m quite new to crafting and really relish how it makes me feel; my cards are improving every time I craft- my first efforts were wonky and clumsy but I still loved them!
    The thing I love most about cardmaking is that it makes you stop and think about the person you are making for- I feel connected to them as I craft for them.
    It’s an amazing pastime and I hope to continue it for a long time to come

  • I love card making as you can do a lot or a little amount on each card and everyone’s cards are different with the same items

  • I love crafting making cards and scrapbooking. I also look forward to sharing my craft resources with my grand daughter and ideas we create together I share at school for activities with the children. We get a lot out of crafting and my grand daughter loves her craft stash box

  • I love hand crafting as you give a little bit of yourself ans its more personal. There is wonderful create and craft to help us to do this with their lovely products.Finally teaching and crafting with my grandaughter is worth its weight in gold ,so love surrounds the whole craft room xx

  • I love card making and love to create unique and original cards for family, friends and loved ones which they will treasure. It is my Me- time and is very therapeutic. I feel a great sense of achievement too.
    Love it!

  • I love any papercraft. Started with card making and got hooked. I love the peace and quiet after a busy day at work creating something beautiful from paper. It’s magical.

  • The smell of it, the feel of it, the impact when arranged and layered…and sometimes we force ourselves to give the results away.

  • Hi Guys,

    My love for card making started by watching your show ( create and craft).
    I suffer from depression and during a hard period I came across the show and that was it, seven months later I’ve survived the hard time and have found a passion. I love making something unique and love when people comment on my cards. I would love to win this amazing prize, I’m already thinking of cards I could make and perhaps start scrap books, I’ve been toying with this for a month or so.

    Anne x

  • Because it gives me time out from my daily job and some mindful me time! Then I get to see happy faces when I give people handmade cards ^_^ I like to make stocks of birthday cards so I’m always ready in a pinch.

    I have also taken my cardmaking kits into work for a craft group and seen how patients respond with passion and creativeness so they can send personalised cards to their loved ones. Such a universal, individual, and fun hobby!

  • Like most people I have a busy life, crafting is my release. I can let my imagination take over. I have to feel I have achieved something every day, creating a card, completing a scrap page etc fulfills that need and more. It gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction, helps me value myself and most of all enjoyment. Love it Love it Love it!!!

  • Cardmaking is my time. When I am busy making cards all my worries/stresses disappear for a short time and I have a lovely, unique and different card to give to someone who will love it as much as I do.

  • After coming out of hospital, I found that card making and papercraft gave me much needed projects to help build my concentration and confidence again. I love card making as it enables me to dip into various skills like watercolour and stamping to create something completely unique. It also helped me build time to spend with family members for a crafty session! Giving the final product to a loved one and seeing their reaction is priceless, and each time I challenge myself to make something bigger and better. Crafting is now a lifeline to me and helps me unwind and be myself

  • I had always made Cards and pictures in cross stitch and tapestry but after having chemo could no longer hold a needle for more than a few minutes so decided to try paper card making. I was so pleased with my first attempts but looking back realise how awful they were and how I have progressed over the years There are now such varied products available to use that my card making is ever improving and I know I bring joy to others as well as satisfaction to myself.

  • I love cardmaking. It is a craft I have taken up fairly recently. I have always been a sewer but found lately when my health and mobility took a turn for the worse that I could not manage certain things for any period of time. Cardmaking has helped Me through this time as I can use the short periods of time that I feel well to produce something beautiful. I am facinated and very excited by the wide range of beautiful products available on c&c each on inspiring me to try something different. When I don’t feel so well I love to watch the great demonstrations on c&c and wait eagerly for my next delivery to arrive.

  • An accident badly fractured my spine when I was just 18 and aged 26 I have to give up paid work for good leaving me isolated and depressed. I took all sorts of evening courses, passed exams for fun and eventually came to card making after studying watercolour painting for four years. . One day I needed a birthday card for a good friend and couldn’t get to the shops – so I made one. Looking back now, the card was fairly crude, but a few weeks afterwards I saw some card crafting on the TV and I was hooked. Years later, still in debilitating pain, I immerse myself in crafting to clear everything from my mind except the project in front of me. Sadly I had to give up knitting and sewing due to arthritis in my hands, but have tried my hand at most crafts over the years, even glassblowing! Of course I mostly confine myself to some sort of paper craft, but with so much available these days this can include mixed media canvasses and some modest small sculptures. A local charity benefits from lots of my hand made cards for their shop along with other artwork. Family members would be insulted if they were given a commercially produced card so there isn’t a day goes by without hours spent happily in my craft room.

  • I have quite a stressful job and crafting is an excellent way to de stress. I also love to be able to make a card specific to the recipients favourite things

  • I only started making cards over the last year or so, but I am gaining in confidence, I love the chance to just create and let my imagination go! I am also having a try at scrapbooking some special memories, just working on these makes me smile and remember the good times

  • I am fairly new to crafting, and enjoying every minute, the range is so huge I am loving the joys of new things everyday… Waiting for parcels to arrive can be frustrating but then the joy when they arrive its soon forgotten. 🙂
    Looking forward to many years of creating!

  • I suffer with fibromyalgia and I’m always in pain, and being able to craft helps me to relax and takes my mind off my pain. I just love to craft and try to do a little bit every day.

  • I love crafting and making cards as it is a skill that everyone has. There is not wrong or right way to create as it is personal taste for each and every crafter. There are also so many ways to use so many different things from the most expensive items to the things around your house. You can recycle many things or accent a beautiful topper with quirky household items. You can spend as much or little as you want to and still have the ability to produce something people think is amazing. The amount of time I have lost whilst crafting is uncountable but also irreplaceable when the make is finalized and perfect. My most favorite thing however is to gift my items and see the joy in peoples faces when they see the item and know the time and though that has gone into it, this makes it all worthwhile.

  • I love making cards because it is so relaxing, and your always learning. But more then anything I love giving my cards away’ puts a smile on peoples face’s and love in my heart. x

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